How do I open a FNB stokvel account?

Documents needed

  1. 3 signatories are required to open the Stokvel Account.
  2. Identification document (South African ID book/card for each signatory)
  3. Proof of residence for each signatory on the account.
  4. Group’s Constitution detailing the nature of their operation.

Does FNB have a stokvel account?

FNB stokvel account is one type of savings account meant for groups who have come together and would like to start saving for a common goal. The account is not meant for individuals rather a group of people. The bank doesn’t give a limit on the number of people.

Which banks offer stokvel account?

A Nedbank Stokvel Account is a standard group savings account that offers additional benefits to all members. Stokvel members can enjoy great offers, including a discount of up to 10% on groceries or school supplies and R10 000 burial cover for each member.

How much are the monthly account fees with FNB stokvel account?

FNB has launched a new no monthly account fees digital account for Stokvels to better manage their administration, deposits and distribution of funds using its award-winning digital channels. The account allows Stokvels to start earning interest from just one Rand.

Can I open stokvel account online?

Enjoy the great benefits of our Grocery Stokvel Account Saving for groceries with a group of people is easy with a Grocery Club Account. Online Banking registration. Minimum two signatories to open the account.

Does capitec have stokvel account?

Hi, you are not allowed to have a joint savings plan (stokvel) account with Capitec Bank. We do not offer this product at this stage.

How do I register my stokvel?

Open an account with the etfSA Investor Plan, in the name of the Club/Stokvel. Application forms are available on, click on the “Discretionary Investments” button. The FICA documents required are attached (page 9).

Does capitec Bank have stokvel account?

Does Absa have stokvel account?

Enjoy stress-free group savings with our Club Account With the Club Account, all members of your savings club or stokvel can contribute from any Absa branch across the country. Contribute from only R50 per month, with no management fees. You get tips, investment options and other helpful group saving information.

Does capitec have a stokvel account?

Does Tymebank have stokvel account?

Use it as a group savings account that family and friends can pay into for a Stokvel or any other item or event you all want to save towards.

Can I invest r1000 at Capitec?

Invest for 6 – 60 months, R20 million maximum investment with a minimum deposit of R10 000.