How do I migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange?

Select any file and click Preview to view its mailboxes and items. Select any file folder item to preview it. If you want to migrate this particular file, click Migrate on the same page; or if you want to migrate all the added files, click Back and then click Migrate. Select the saving option as Exchange and click OK.

How to migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365?

The manual Lotus Notes migration process has four steps:

  1. NSF database files backup for Lotus Notes.
  2. Creation of new user mailboxes in Office 365.
  3. Configuration of IMAP connections (TCP/IP ports) for the user accounts.
  4. Synchronize emails from Lotus Notes to Office 365 via an IMAP connection.

How do I transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

Import the Mailbox file in MS Outlook

  1. Launch MS Outlook application.
  2. From the ‘File’ menu, click ‘Import and Export’ option.
  3. Click ‘Next’.
  4. Choose among the ‘Comma Separated Values’ and ‘Tab Separated Values’.
  5. Click ‘Next’.
  6. Pass through the entire ‘Export’ wizard.
  7. Choose and navigate the file exported from Lotus Notes.

How do I export emails from Lotus Notes?

Follow these steps to export Lotus Notes emails to PDF format:

  1. Open your Lotus Notes application.
  2. Drag and drop the emails that you want to save on the hard drive on your system’s desktop.
  3. Now, open Outlook and drag and drop the EML files in it.
  4. Save the EML files in HTML format.

How do I convert a Lotus Notes database to SharePoint?

Follow these steps to migrate Lotus Notes Domino databases to SharePoint, either Office 365 / SharePoint online or on-premises: Click on the SharePoint option to run the migrator from Notes to SharePoint. Select a database to be exported, the export settings, and the staging folder, and click Next to begin your export.

How do I transfer my IBM verse to Office 365?

Import IBM Verse to Office 365 Account on Mac OS While using the application user does not require any technical skills to perform the procedure. Choose the folder or file to migrate and, then within a few clicks, transfer all the selected files to the O365 account.

Can Outlook Open Lotus Notes Archive?

The only method the read a Lotus Notes archive in Outlook is to convert the archive. nsf file of Lotus Notes to Outlook supported PST file format.

How do I export data from Lotus Notes to Excel?

Tip To export to a Microsoft Excel file, export the view as a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, and then save the file in 1-2-3 as a Microsoft Excel file. Exporting from a view does not remove documents from the view, but simply copies the data into a new file. Notes can export the file in either .

How do I export Lotus Notes database?

Exporting your Lotus Notes database to PDF format is as easy as outputting to HTML. Simply right click on the database in the Export UI, and select Export to PDF. Once the export process is complete, select “View PDF” and your browser will open with the exported Notes database.

Which component is not migrated by migration tool from Lotus Notes to SharePoint Online?

SharePoint did not support some of the data types in Lotus notes (a date list for example) and vice versa. Non- support of record and field level encryption and record signing in SharePoint. For such cases, application was not migrated.

How do I extract a Lotus Notes database?

On the export page, select one or more Lotus Notes databases to be exported, select the export settings, and select the destination folder. After you have selected your export options click Next, review the export summary info, and if everything’s OK, click Start export now in order to initiate the export.