How do I link two reports in WEBI?

Open the WEBI form in BI launch Pad only in view mode.

  1. Go to Report Elements tab and select blank cell and drag it into the form.
  2. Right Click on the cell and then go to Linking.
  3. In the Edit Hyperlink prompt window, Browse and select the document for which you want to give the hyperlink.

What is linking in WEBI?

Linking. This feature allows you to filter the content of an element (a table or chart) related to a selection performed in another element (also a table or a chart). Simply select the element and using the contextual menu of your mouse, select the option « Linking / Add an element link».

How do you link documents in SAP?

Stored in the BW system (SKWF) and accessed using the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (ABAP)…Hyperlinks to Documents.

Document Class URL
Master Data http://:/SAP/BW/DOC/MAST/FLDMAST/
InfoProvider data http://:/SAP/BW/DOC/TRAN/FLDTRAN/

How do you link two queries in Business Objects?

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Create the first query.
  2. To create the second query, select From the universe from the Add Query drop-down list. Add Query Drop-Down List Screenshot.
  3. Select the universe for the second query.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the result objects.
  6. Create the query filters.
  7. Click Run Queries.
  8. Respond to the prompts.

How do you draw a line in WEBI?

  1. Step 1: Build a Webi report using eFashion Universe.
  2. Step 2: Create new variables for those in the warm-up reminders Section.
  3. Step 3: Insert a webi chart with the linear trend line we have created:
  4. Step 4: Create additional variables for the polynomial trend line.

How do I copy a WEBI report?

Locate and select the folder where you want to put the copy. Click Organize > Paste. Navigate to the folder where you copied the report. Launch Web Intelligence by right-clicking the report that you want to modify and selecting Modify or by selecting Web Intelligence from the My Applications module.

How do I merge queries in Web Intelligence?

How do I create a combined query in WebI?

Rules for Combined Queries Each object in the first query’s Result Objects must have a corresponding object in the second query. When you create a combined query, WebI puts the same results in Query 2 that you put in Query 1. If you add or remove objects from Query 1 but not Query 2, the query will not run.

How do I copy a Business Objects report?

Click Organize > Copy….To copy and modify a report

  1. To add objects to the report, drag them from the Data tab to the report.
  2. To remove objects from the report, drag them from the report to the Data tab.
  3. Modify the report layouts and edit queries and conditions for the report.