How do I get from Kuala Lumpur airport to the city?

Getting From Kuala Lumpur Airport to City Centre. The cheapest way from Kuala Lumpur Airport to City Centre is by bus, which will take 1 hour to reach KL Sentral and 1.5 hours to reach Puduraya, the Chinatown area. The fastest KL Airport transfer is taking a KLIA Express Train to reach KL Sentral Station in 30 minutes.

How much is the train from KL airport to city Centre?

The Kuala Lumpur Airport train costs RM55, or $13 USD, one-way to get from KLIA or KLIA2 to Kuala Lumpur City Centre. A round-trip costs RM100, or $24 USD. You can pre-purchase your tickets online, or you can purchase them at Kuala Lumpur Airport from the self-service kiosks or the KLIA Ekspres ticket counter.

How do you get around KL?

Here are some transport suggestions for getting around KL.

  1. Train. With the recent completion of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), more parts of KL are now connected by rail.
  2. Bus. Travelling by bus in the city is a generally comfortable experience these days.
  3. Taxi.
  4. Self drive.
  5. Ride hailing.

How much is taxi from KL airport to Bukit Bintang?

What is the fastest way to get from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Bukit Bintang? The quickest way to get from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Bukit Bintang is to taxi which costs RM 110 – RM 130 and takes 42 min.

How much is KLIA Express?


KL Sentral to KLIA/KLIA2 Adult Child (Below 6 Years) Max 3 child tickets per Adult
Single RM55.00 Free*
Return RM100.00 Free*

Is taxi expensive in Malaysia?

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Is public transport good in Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur Public Transport has developed into one of the most modern transportation system in this region. It has a comprehensive network of buses, taxis, monorail, light rail transit and commuter trains that provide convenient and quick access to various parts of this city and its surrounding.

Is there Uber in Kuala Lumpur?

Yes they do. You can easily use Uber or Grab with credit card payment anywhere in KL, even from airports. Other option to travel from KLIA to downtown is via the metro, KLIA express.

What is the difference between KLIA Transit and KLIA Express?

KLIA Transit stops at all stations along the line, whereas KLIA Ekspres runs an express, non-stop between KL Sentral and KLIA/klia2. The ERL is operated by Express Rail Link Sdn.

Can I use Touch n Go for KLIA Transit?

Yes. You can use your Touch ‘n Go card at the gate.

How do you pay for public transport in Kuala Lumpur?

Ticket Machines only take local cash and coins. Smart Reloadable Cards for fares payment on Kuala Lumpur Public Transport: – You can also use a “MyRapid Card” or “Touch n Go Card” Stored Value Card to pay for your fares. – Please note that MyRapid Card only works on LRT, BRT, Monorail, and RapidKL Buses.

How much is public transport in KL?

Tickets/Passes If you are planning to use public transport for most of your travelling, it is recommended to go cashless and buy a Touch ‘n Go (TnG) card for around RM20 ($4.70 USD), which includes a RM10 ($2.35 USD) stored credit.