How do I get a shanty pass?

Players can buy one for 5 coins from Shantay, who stands near the gate. Players have to use one each time they go through the pass from Al Kharid into the Kharidian Desert (when travelling from the desert to Al Kharid, a Shantay pass is not required).

How do you teleport to Shantay Pass?

A broomstick, attained through the Swept Away quest, enchanted by the Sorceress’ Apprentice, allows members to directly teleport to the Sorceress’ Garden an infinite number of times, and is deemed to be the fastest teleport to the Pass.

Where do I get a Shantay Pass in Runescape?

This article is about the location. For the item, see Shantay pass (item). The Shantay Pass is a small area that separates Al Kharid from the Kharidian Desert. Players will need to have 5 coins to buy a pass from Shantay, or have completed the elite desert diary, if they wish to enter the desert.

How do I teleport to Port Sarim?

Players can teleport to Port Sarim using the Home Teleport spell once they have discovered the required lodestone. Port Sarim can be entered by land from Falador to the north/north-west, Draynor Village to the east, Rimmington to the west, or Thurgo’s Peninsula to the south.

Do I need water in Pollnivneach?

Creatures. Crocodiles – Crocodiles populate the area south of town and may be dangerous to lower levelled players as their combat level is 63. They are aggressive. It should be noted that the area south of town has the effects of the desert and, unlike town, water is required in the form of waterskins.

Where is Shantay?

Location Shantay Pass
Sells items Shantay Pass Shop
Gender Male
Options Talk-to, Trade, Buy-pass

Where can I buy rope Runescape?

It can be obtained from Ned in Draynor Village for either 15 coins or 4 balls of wool or crafted at level 30 Crafting by spinning yak hair on a spinning wheel.

What is the fastest way to get to Port Sarim?

The easiest way to Port Sarim is the Explorer’s ring Teleport to Cabbage patch, which is just above Port Sarim. Port Sarim can also be entered through five other different ways. Players can head south from Falador or southwest from Barbarian Village. They can head west from Al Kharid, Lumbridge, or Draynor Village.

How do I get to Port Sarim in F2P?

After asking Shantay about his place, claiming to be an outlaw and refusing to pay, players will be thrown to the jail in Port Sarim. While this is the only way to teleport to Port Sarim on F2P, getting to Shantay Pass can be troublesome in the first place.

How do you make a Pollnivneach Teleport?

The Pollnivneach teleport is a magic tablet that can be broken by players to teleport just outside the Pollnivneach house portal. It can be created at level 20 Construction by using a scroll of redirection on a teleport to house tablet.

How do you Unnote food in Pollnivneach?

Examine. A banknote exchange merchant. The Banknote Exchange Merchant is an NPC located next to the Pollnivneach General Store in Pollnivneach who will un-note items for five coins per item.

What does desert amulet do?

It provides unlimited Nardah teleports which take the player within close proximity of the Elidinis Statuette, which completely heals the player from damage and poison and offers restoration to run energy, prayer points, and special attack when worshipped. All of the Desert amulets provide no stat bonuses.

What is a Shantay pass?

The Shantay pass is an item used to exit Al Kharid through the southern gate at the Shantay Pass. Players can buy one for 5 coins from Shantay, who stands near the gate.

Where can I find (sandy clue scroll)?

Sandy Clue Scroll only appears during events and may not be currently found in game. If you destroy this you may be able to claim another from Reyna at the beach. It points to secure treasure!

What happens if you declare to be an outlaw in Shantay?

If a player declares being an outlaw, Shantay will call upon his guards to have the player arrested and demands the player pay a fine of 5 coins. If the player pays, they will be released.

What does Shantay drop in the desert?

Shantay can also drop a scrumpled paper which holds a recipe for Ugthanki kebabs . Shantay is the solution to the beginner cryptic clue: Near the open desert I reside, to get past me you must abide. Go forward if you dare, for when you pass me, you’ll be sweating by your hair.