How do I fix error code 7?


  1. Copy the ROM zip file to your computer and extract it using your favorite unzipping software.
  2. Once unzipped, browse to the META-INF/com/google/android directory.
  3. Rename “updater-script” to “updater-script.
  4. Get rid of the line starting with “assert” to next semi-colon.
  5. Save file.
  6. Rename “updater-script.

How do I fix updater process ended with error 7?

Status 7 error is caused while the ROM’s updater script file checks to see if the phone model of your phone is compatible with the ROM you are installing, called “asserts”. so to Fix this error remove that code of assert and flash that edited ROM. … there are many YouTube videos available please check out…

What is error 7 in TWRP?

What is Error 7 In TWRP? This error will encounter while you are flashing custom ROM in your Android or Tablet, sometimes it may occur with CWM (Clock Work Mode) Recovery. Aforementioned, the error occurs because of the wrong script file (the ROM updater-script file, which isn’t designed for your product model).

How do I fix Error 1 in TWRP?

How to Fix Magisk Install Error 1 in TWRP Recovery

  1. Put the boot. img file into your Micro Sd card.
  2. Now, reboot your Android device into recovery mode.
  3. Here, tap on Install.
  4. Now, tap on the Install image from the bottom-right corner.
  5. Choose your boot.img.
  6. Now, select the Boot Partition and then swipe to confirm the flash.

What is the error 7?

“Error Code -7” appears when Android has an issue with installing an app on the device. The Android may have a problem with cache data, incorrect settings, and incompatibility. Restart your device to refresh it. Update Google Play Store.

How do I fix Gapps Error 70?

The primary reason which causes the error 70 while installing Gapps in TWRP is lesser space in the device system partition. That means you need to remove some apps and free some space so that Open Gapps package could install. This issue mainly observed with older Android devices, those with 2GB of storage or less.

How do I update TWRP?

Steps to Follow

  1. Download the .
  2. Boot your device into TWRP custom recovery.
  3. Select Install, then browse for the download image file.
  4. Now select the TWRP 3.0 .img file, then select Recovery partition on the next screen. (
  5. Now swipe right to confirm the installation.
  6. Reboot to recovery, it should have been updated.

What is error code 7 in Google Play?

How do I use Gapps config?

If you want to use different settings per device, you can create a text file named . gapps-config-devicename or gapps-config-devicename. txt replacing devicename with your device’s codename (which is also shown in open_gapps_log. txt) and put it in the same locations described above.