How do I find out if I am eligible for an upgrade Verizon?

To find out if you’re eligible for a Verizon upgrade, visit Verizon’s Eligible Upgrade page, and type in your mobile phone number tied to your account. You’ll then see when you’re due for an upgrade according to your contract.

How long do you have to be with Verizon before you can upgrade?

Verizon allows you to upgrade your devices every 24-months, although you can become eligible after 20-months, and you only have to pay the $35 upgrade fee. Additionally, you’re able to upgrade anytime you want with Verizon as long as you pay the full retail price for the upgraded device at the time of the upgrade.

Can I upgrade my phone every year with Verizon?

At Verizon, we believe our customers should be able to get the phone they want when they want it. That’s why we’ve introduced the annual upgrade program for iPhone. For customers with monthly device payments, this program allows you to turn in your phone and upgrade to a new iPhone every year.

How do I find out if I am eligible for a phone upgrade?

You can text the word “upgrade” to 1311, and it will tell you whether you’re eligible.

Do I have to give my old phone back when I upgrade Verizon?

Re: if i upgrade my device, do i get to keep my old one? Even if you ARE on Edge you can keep your device IF you pay all 20 or 24 payments as set by your Edge agreement.

How does the Verizon upgrade program work?

About upgrading your smartphone early With early upgrades you can buy an eligible smartphone and turn it in after 30 days and payment of at least 50% of the purchase price to upgrade to a new eligible smartphone on a device payment agreement. Check your upgrade eligibility now in My Verizon.

When you upgrade your phone can you keep your old one?

This is where some decision making comes into play. You basically have two options when it comes to your old phone: you keep it or you ditch it. That’s the basis of it, anyway. If you decide to keep your device, then you at least have a back-up plan in the case that something happens to your new phone.

Can I upgrade and keep my old phone Verizon?