How do I find my old Tumblr notes?

Just tap the lightning bolt icon at the top right of the notes view….Notes

  1. Notes are ordered chronologically, with the oldest note (always the original poster) at the top.
  2. When you open the notes view, you go straight to the bottom (where the newest notes are) so you can see the most recent activity.

Why are my top posts not showing on Tumblr?

If you want to re-enable the feature, simply re-visit the Settings screen and turn the Show Top Posts switch back on.

What is the post with the most notes on Tumblr?

Today, I accidentally stumbled across the most popular Tumblr post of all time. When it came to me, it simply said “Mitt Romney sucks pass it on.” When I was done with it, it said “Randy Newman for President.” And on it goes, for almost 8 million notes.

How do I get to my archive on Tumblr app?

Tumblr App Archives You’ll first need to go to “Customize theme” and then see if your current theme supports archives. Look for the setting “Show archive button,” “Show archive link,” or “Show blog tools.” Tick the “Save” box to activate your archive.

Can you hide notes on Tumblr?

In some themes, you can hide the Notes section with a simple check mark under the “Appearance” heading of the theme customizing area.

What has happened to Tumblr?

In November, its app was taken down again from the App Store due to an issue with child pornography getting its way past its filtering technology. While the app was back after a few days, Tumblr would not long after essentially digging its own grave. On December 17th, 2018, it banned all adult content on the platform.

Why is Tumblr hiding my posts?

An open padlock (Android and web) or Safe search setting turned off (iOS) means that NSFW content is shown, and a closed padlock or Safe search setting turned on means it’s hidden. In the Android app, make sure to drag the filters bar (top, recent, etc.)

How can I view all notes of a Tumblr blog post?

You can either check that out in the permalink (the page where you’re redirected to when you clic to know more about a post) or in the dashboard, look for the post you want to see, and clic in the “# notes” part under it. Originally Answered: How can i view all notes of a tumblr blog post?

How do I load notes from Tumblr to my computer?

You can enter your favourite browser’s developer’s tools console (Ctrl+Shift+K – Browser’s Console in Firefox) and execute there (first you might need writing there ‘allow pasting’) This will continuously load all the notes at tumblr. Guest post on 200 high authority news sites.

Why are my buttons not working on Tumblr?

Make sure your blog is not password protected, else the buttons will not show/work as expected. Also ensure your HTML is valid and correct and there are no javascript errors (tumblr loads these buttons in dynamically via javascript after page load – Javascript errors will stop the execution of this script and others).

Is there a way to view all comments on a Tumblr?

For any accounts that have secondary blogs there is no publicly accessible way to view all posts for a given account. Comments: No. Tumblr itself doesn’t have anything called comments. Replies: No. Tumblr does not provide a way to see all replies created by a given account.