How do I download MinGW for C++?

Install the MinGW Tools for C/C++

  1. Log in to your regular user account.
  2. Download this MinGW folder and run it.
  3. Accept the default installation folder C:\MinGW.
  4. At the Select Component dialog, check the MSYS Basic System.
  5. Add the C:\MinGW\bin folder to your Windows Path variable.

Can I use MinGW for C++?

You can install the C/C++ extension by searching for ‘c++’ in the Extensions view (Ctrl+Shift+X). Get the latest version of Mingw-w64 via MSYS2, which provides up-to-date native builds of GCC, Mingw-w64, and other helpful C++ tools and libraries.

How do I download and install MinGW?


  1. Click MinGW. The following page will appear in your browser (from the SourceForge web site).
  2. Click the Download mingw-get-setup.exe(86.5 kB) link.
  3. Move this file to a more permanent location, so that you can install MinGW (and reinstall it later, if necessary).
  4. Start the Installation instructions directly below.

How do I download GCC compiler for C++?

Go to and click Binary Release. Choose the installer with GCC Compiler, e.g., codeblocks-17.12mingw-setup.exe which includes MinGW’s GNU GCC compiler download and GNU GDB debugger with Code::Blocks source files.

How do I get C++ compiler?

If you’d rather use an IDE for C++ development, you can install the devC++ compiler/IDE for windows. Download the exe file from and follow the instructions there to install it. Installation is pretty straightforward.

How do I install mingw on Windows 10?

Installing MinGW

  1. Select Save File when prompted.
  2. Open the downloaded exe.
  3. Click Yes when Windows asks if you want to allow it.
  4. Click Next > on the Welcome screen.
  5. Select Download and Install and click Next >
  6. Read the License Agreement and click I agree.
  7. Select Current to install the current MinGW package and click Next >

How do I install Mingw on Windows?

Which compiler should I use for C++?

If you are running Linux, the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a popular choice. It’s free, of course, and typically available in your Linux distribution’s package repositories. On macOS, Clang is the default choice, installed with the Xcode command-line tools. Using Clang is free.

How do I install C++ on my computer?

  1. 1) Download Turbo C++ software. You can download turbo C++ from many sites.
  2. 2) Create turboc directory in c drive and extract the tc3. zip.
  3. 3) Double click on the install.exe file and follow steps. Now, click on the install icon located inside the c:\turboc.
  4. 4) Click on the tc application located inside c:\TC\BIN.

How to install MinGW on Windows 10?

Install Visual Studio Code.

  • Install the C/C++extension for VS Code.
  • Get the latest version of Mingw-w64 via MSYS2,which provides up-to-date native builds of GCC,Mingw-w64,and other helpful C++tools and libraries.
  • How to set up MinGW?

    MinGW. Download and run the MinGW-w64 installer.

  • Cygwin. Download the Cygwin installer,version 2.8 or later.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  • Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Clang compiler on Windows.
  • GDB on Windows.
  • What is the difference between GCC and MinGW?

    What is the difference between GCC and MinGW? GCC stand for “GNU Compiler Collection” and is a piece of GNU software that includes a compiler with frontends for multiple languages. MinGW stands for” Minimalist GNU for Windows” it is essentially a tool set that includes some GNU software. So MinGW contains GCC which is in the collection

    How do I completely uninstall MinGW?

    – In Windows 10, type Apps and Features in the “Type here to search” box. – Find Visual Studio 2019. – Choose Uninstall. – Then, find Microsoft Visual Studio Installer. – Choose Uninstall.