How do I dispose of old number plates in Victoria?

This can be given by post, phone or going in person to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre. Your number plates must be surrendered to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Can I put a number plate on retention online?

An online facility is now available to retain your registration number. It’s quick and straightforward, taking just a few minutes. At the moment this online retention is limited to keeping the personalised number in the name of the Registered Keeper of the vehicle.

Can I keep my old car registration number?

As a general rule, yes you can. However, some number plates cannot be retained. For example, any number plates with the prefix Q cannot be retained. The Q prefix has been used since 1983 and is for vehicles in which it is difficult to determine the age of the vehicle.

How do I dispose of old number plates?

How to dispose of old number plates. If you’ve bought new plates, you can recycle the old ones at most local recycling centres. Number plates are made up of acrylic and can be recycled with other plastic items. If you’re unsure of where to dispose of them, ask a member of staff at the facility.

Can I keep my number plate when I scrap my car?

If you’ve got a personalised number plate or a registration you’ve become attached to, you might be worried that scrapping your car will mean you lose it forever. Don’t worry! You can keep your number plate and registration mark quite simply.

How do I remove my number plate?

Some stuck-on number plates can easily and quickly be removed. Place your fingers under the edge of the number plate and pull firmly but evenly. This may be enough to unstick the plate. If the plates are more firmly attached, the best technique is to use some dental floss, fishing line or string to aid removal.

How long does a number plate stay on retention?

10 years
A number plate can remain on retention for up to 10 years unless you decide to remove it from the retention register. After 10 years, you must either renew your number plate retention, or register a vehicle with the number plate.

How do I sell my number plate?

How to sell my private number plate

  1. First step: check whether you can legally sell your plates. There are a couple of prerequisites to legally sell a number plate.
  2. Second step: accurately value your plates.
  3. Third step: advertise your number plates.
  4. Fourth step: get an offer and complete the sale.

How do you value a number plate?

Factors of a private number plate valuation Your number plate valuation is determined by how desirable it is to other people, as well as how rare the plate is. Although every number plate is ‘rare’ (there is only one of each!), some are rarer and more desirable than others.

Can I scrap my car and keep the number plate?

What happens if you don’t put your number plate on retention?

Any private number plate registration numbers that are not either in use or registered as under retention from this time onwards will simply cease to exist. It will no longer be possible to assign them to any vehicle, and they will lose their monetary value virtually entirely.