How do I contact Warner Chappell Music?


  1. LOS ANGELES. Warner Chappell Production Music. 777 Santa Fe Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90021 USA. Phone: 1.888.615.8729.
  2. NASHVILLE (MUSIC ROW) Warner Chappell Production Music. 1033 16th Ave. South. Nashville, TN 37212 USA.
  3. NEW YORK. Warner Chappell Production Music. 1633 Broadway. 9th Floor. New York, NY 10019 USA.

How do I submit music to Warner Music?

Send your submissions by making use of the Demo Submissions form on our Contact Page. Include your contact info like e-mail address and a phone number. Send us songs you’re not happy with or that are not ready to go out into the world. Let other trusted people listen to them and get some constructive feedback first.

How do I send demo to Warner Music?

If you are looking to submit a demo, you need to approach through an established industry professional. Demos must be submitted to the Group’s record labels – Atlantic, Elektra, Warner Records or Parlophone. If you are an artist, approach the Warner Music Artist Services for merchandising, marketing and tour services.

How do I contact Warner Brothers Records?

You may also contact us by phone at (818) 953-2600 or by writing to us at Warner Records, 777 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021. California residents may reach the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs by mail at 1625 North Market Blvd..

How much is Warner Records worth?

That transaction valued the business at 30 billion euros ($32.9 billion). Warner markets its music through labels such as Atlantic Records, Warner Records and Parlophone.

Who owns Warner Chappell music?

Warner Music Group
WMG Acquisition Corp
Warner Chappell Music/Parent organizations

How do you email a record label?

How To Send Demos To Record Labels

  1. Demonstrate your best.
  2. Do Your Research; Submit To The Right Labels.
  3. Use Official Contacts, Not Facebook Messages.
  4. Personalize Your Submission.
  5. Send a Brief-but-Specific Message.
  6. Send Links, Not Files.
  7. Be Patient + Learn to Accept ‘No’