How do I contact Lenovo by phone?

1-866-426-0911 Option #2

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Does Lenovo do sales?

Shop the Lenovo Annual Sale for savings, deals, and more savings! Incredible deals on laptops, desktops, gaming systems, PC accessories, and more. (with free shipping on all orders!) Our big once-a-year sale is the perfect time to buy a new ThinkPad laptop, Legion gaming PC, or Yoga 2-in-1.

How many laptops does Lenovo sell?

In the first quarter of 2022, the unit shipments of the PC vendor Lenovo amounted to 18.26 million units worldwide, an reduction from the 21.7 million units the company shipped in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Can I trust Lenovo?

Whether drivers, workarounds, or bloatware, Lenovo has a terrible record for protecting its users. Repeatedly, the point is underlined: if you value security and privacy, Lenovo PCs and laptops are not safe. Let’s look at why the time has come to start looking elsewhere for affordable computers.

Is Lenovo a reputable company?

Lenovo maintained its 5th place spot this year thanks to a wide selection of options and a handful of reliable products – most notably its ThinkPad line of laptops. Somehow, the company managed to improve upon what was already the best business laptop you can buy.

Where is Lenovo made?

Many Lenovo computer shipments originate from China and are supposed to reach customers in 10 days, but in some cases take weeks. The company also has factories in Japan, Brazil, Germany and Mexico. The “Made in USA” tag on computers manufactured in North Carolina will resonate with some buyers, Hortensius said.

Who sells the most laptops in the world?


Global PC market share by units, percent (2016–2020)
Rank 2016 2018
1 Lenovo 22.5
2 HP 21.7
3 Dell 16.2

Who sells the most laptops in the US?

HP’s sales are mostly generated from popular models like Envy, Elitebook, Pavilion, Omen, and Pavilion Gaming. Thanks to the company’s stronghold of loyal users in the United States, where it holds almost 30% market share, HP remains the most popular laptop manufacturer in North America.