How do I contact Hilton Honors by phone?

If you dial this number and don’t get service, refer to your country’s number in the charts….Global support numbers.

Region Number
U.S. & Canada (includes USVI & Puerto Rico) 888-4HONORS (888-446-6677)
TDDY / TTY + 1-833-456-3244

Do Hilton points expire 2021?

All that being said, Hilton points will expire 24 months from the time of last eligible activity. Hilton has paused the expiration of points in 2021 and 2022. If your points were due to expire this year or next, they’ll instead stay valid until Dec. 31, 2022.

Does Hilton have a chat?

Online ChatHilton Hotels & Resorts / Customer service chat

Do Hilton Honors points expire?

Hilton points expire after 12 months of inactivity in your account. You can stop this from happening – there are many ways to keep your Hilton points from expiring.

How do I complain to Hilton Honors?

Hilton complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Care on 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667)
  2. Visit Customer Care Contact Form.
  3. Email Christopher Nassetta (CEO) on [email protected]
  4. Email Customer Care on [email protected]
  5. Call Hilton Worldwide Headquarters on 703 883 1000.
  6. Follow Hilton.
  7. Follow Hilton.

Do you lose Hilton points if you cancel?

If you meet the cancellation policy, then yes your points will be redeposited back into your hhonors account. The best way to make sure this is done correctly is to call HHONORS to have them cancel the reservation and the reward at the same time.

How do I chat with Hilton Honors?

Hilton Customer Service Contacts

  1. Hilton Email Support. N/A.
  2. Hilton Live Chat Support. Live Chat Button on Website.
  3. Hilton Call Center Support. 1-800-HILTONS.
  4. Hilton Knowledge Base. N/A.
  5. Hilton Forum. N/A.

How many Hilton points do you need for a hotel room?

Free nights can be redeemed for as few as 5,000 Points per night and no more than 95,000 Points per night for a standard room. Select properties with specialty accommodations may require up to 120,000 Points per night for a standard room.

Can my wife use my Hilton Honors account?

Can my spouse and I share one Hilton Honors account? No. As of 1 April 2004, multiple members may not share an account. Hilton Honors members who have a Mutual Fund account as of 31 March 2004 will continue to receive Mutual Fund benefits.

Where is the corporate office of Hilton?

McLean, VAHilton / Headquarters