How do I completely remove GNOME Shell?

Uninstalling a Gnome shell extension

  1. Select Applications > Accessories > Tweaks.
  2. Select the Extensions tab on the left of the Tweaks tool.
  3. Set the toggle by the extension you’d like to remove to OFF.

How do I remove Gnome desktop from Fedora?

As the other answer point out, you can remove all of GNOME with # dnf group remove gnome-desktop . This will delete most of the packages even not related to GNOME itself (Xorg for example).

How do I change my GNOME theme?

Change GNOME theme with GNOME Tweaks tool Press Super key (Windows key) and search for GNOME Tweak Tool. Click on it to open it. Now under Appearance section, you should see the options to change icons, applications and shell themes.

How do I switch from GNOME to dark theme?

Click on the Appearance tab in the left sidebar and click on the Applications under the Themes section. You’ll see a few available themes here. You should select Adwaita-dark here. As soon as you select it, the application will switch to dark theme.

How do I uninstall Gnome 3?

Uninstalling the GNOME Desktop

  1. Log in as root, then open a terminal window.
  2. Run the following command: /usr/sbin/remove-gnome.

How do I completely remove Gnome Extensions?

Go to, or go to E.G.O. website and click ‘Installed Extensions’ link on top, you will see a list of all Extensions you have installed on your GNU/Linux system. Click the red X button to uninstall an Extension.

Can I install KDE and Gnome together?

You can also run KDE packages under Gnome, Unity, Enlightenment and vice-versa. They are just apps using specific libs, there is no restriction on what you run.

Where are GNOME themes stored?

The themes are stored in two locations. Globally, they go under /usr/share/themes. You will need root permissions to store new themes here, and the changes will affect all users running the particular theme.

Where do GNOME themes go?

A great site to find new themes is If you want all the machine’s users to be able to use the theme, place it in /usr/share/themes .

Does Fedora have dark mode?

In Settings > Appearance, you can now choose a dark mode option which applies a dark theme to all supported applications.

Does Gnome have a dark mode?

GNOME 42 Introduces New Features and Upgraded Apps With the global dark UI, users who toggle dark mode will have their apps change to the dark theme as well. Users are presented with the option of capturing a region, a window, or the entire screen when they press the Print Screen key.

How do I uninstall gnome after installing KDE?

Remove GNOME and Install KDE

  1. Install KDE – sudo pacman -S plasma.
  2. KDE base by sudo pacman -S kdebase.
  3. SDDM sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f.
  4. Manjaro setting using sudo pacman -S manjaro-kde-settings.