How do I clear my Dell event log?

2. Viewing System Event Log using System Setup

  1. Press F2 during POST to enter System Setup.
  2. Selected iDRAC Settings.
  3. Go to System Event Log.
  4. To clear the records, select Yes. Else, select No.
  5. To view the system events, click Display System Event Log.
  6. Click Back, click Finish, and then click Yes.

How do I clear iDRAC errors?

Reset using the iDRAC Settings Utility In the System Setup page, click iDRAC Settings. Click Reset iDRAC configurations to default all. Click Yes to confirm, and then click Back. Click Finish.

How do I get into BIOS on Dell R710?

Procedure. To access the BIOS system setup, press the F2 key while the system is powering on. From the Main menu screen, select System BIOS. Load the default settings by selecting Default.

How do I find the logs on a Dell server?

Follow these steps to export the Lifecycle Controller log:

  1. Enter the iDRAC web interface.
  2. Go to Overview > Server > Logs.
  3. Click on the Lifecycle Log tab.
  4. In the Lifecycle Log page, click Export.
  5. Select any of the following options: Network — Export the Lifecycle Controller logs to a shared location on the network.

How do you delete iDRAC 6 logs?

1. Set up the iDRAC express and after it is configured, browse to the iDRAC WEBGUI > navigate to the log and click the clear log option (instructions attached).

How do I factory reset my Dell server?

1. Restore the BIOS defaults settings on a Dell PowerEdge Server.

  1. Power on the system.
  2. While the blue Dell logo is visible, press the < F2 > key to enter the System Setup.
  3. Enter the “System BIOS” section.
  4. Click on the button “Default” in the low-end corner.
  5. A popup will ask the confirmation of action, press “Yes”.

How do I boot into BIOS with iDRAC?

To enter the BIOS, press a function key….Symptoms

  1. Enables you to enter System Setup (BIOS) .
  2. Enables you to enter system services and starts Lifecycle Controller (for iDRAC/Lifecyle Contoller enabled systems)
  3. Enables you to enter Boot Manager.
  4. Enables you to enter PXE Boot.

What is TSR logs in Dell iDRAC?

SupportAssist Collection or Technical Support Report (TSR) is a standard tool for diagnosing Dell hardware. The TSR shows the BIOS, firmware, and other hardware details of the system. The server has an additional NIC card for iDRAC, where you can access to troubleshoot hardware and bypass the OS.

How do I clear logs on Dell iDRAC?

What is Racadm of Dell?

The racadm command-line utility provides a scriptable interface that allows you to locally or remotely configure your remote access controller (RAC).

What does Racadm Racreset do?

Resets iDRAC. The reset event is logged in the iDRAC log. To run this subcommand, you must have the Configure iDRAC permission and configure user privilege.