How do I Admin ULX?

How to Make Someone an Admin With GMOD ULX

  1. Start the game.
  2. Launch the console by pressing the appropriate button. It’s usually the tilde symbol (“~”) on your keyboard.
  3. Enter the following command: “ ulx adduserid superadmin ”.

How do I open ULX menu?

You should now be able to open the ULX menu with the press of a key….You can bind XGUI (ULX menu) to a key and make it available at the press off a button.

  1. Start Garry’s Mod.
  2. Enable the Developer Console by going to Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developers Console.
  3. Press Apply.
  4. Press the ~ key on your keyboard.

How do I download ULX?

Classic method

  1. Download the latest downloadable ULib and ULX release from the Ulyssesmod Downloads page. Look for the two links that end in . zip .
  2. Extract the archives in your addons folder. The folder structure should look like this:
  3. Restart your Garry’s Mod game client or dedicated server.

How do I add Super Admin to ULX?


  1. Navigate to the Game Panel and proceed to login.
  2. Click on Game Services button and if prompted select the server you would like to give yourself Superadmin on.
  3. Join your server.
  4. Navigate to the Web Console.
  5. Enter the following command: ulx adduser name superadmin .
  6. In-game type !

How do I edit ULX?

“This server is running ULX.” “To edit this default MOTD, open XGUI->Settings->Server->ULX MOTD, or edit datalx\motd. txt.”

How do I make myself super admin ULX?

How do you make yourself Superadmin 5m?

How to Set Yourself as a Superadmin in Your QB-Core FiveM Server?

  1. Copy the FiveM, HEX value.
  2. Go to the game panel, navigate to the file manager.
  3. Open the server.cfg file.
  4. Search for the line “add_ace group.admin command.quit deny“

What is a ULX?

ULX: A service crossing beneath a rail line. URX. A service crossing beneath a roadway (e.g. access road)

How do I make myself admin on my FiveM server?

How To Make Yourself An Admin

  1. Open the ‘Server. cfg’
  2. Open the server database and go to ‘users’ Find your user/character, then under the ‘groups’ table change it to ‘superadmin’ as shown below.

What is Sam GMod?

SAM is an admin mod that ain’t trying to be fancy or anything other than being simple and lightweight, it only has things that you really need, nothing else.