How do I add a font to revolution slider?

Add Custom Font to Slider Revolution Global Settings Go to Global settings from the top bar inside the Slider Revolution plugin: Click on the Edit Custom Fonts button: Add the font name “Moca” in the Font Family Name field: Add the font’s CSS file URL to the Font CSS URL field.

How do I change font size in Slider Revolution?

You can change the font size using the attribute “data-fontsize”. My suggestion for you is also set responsiveLevels of Revolution Slider, so you can set diferent font sizes for until 4 screen resolutions. * Note the ‘responsiveLevels’: [1920, 1200, 992, 500] .

How do you customize revolution slider?

1. Login to your WordPress Admin and click on Revolution Slider at the left pane,then click on Edit Slides. 2. From the slides list, look for the specific image that you would like to change or update, then click on Edit Slide.

How do I add a font to WordPress website?

How to add custom fonts to your WordPress site (three methods)

  1. Edit your theme’s file. If you don’t want to upload font files to your website manually, you can always ‘import’ them from third-party repositories.
  2. Upload your font’s file to your theme’s folder.
  3. Use a plugin.

How do I edit text in slider revolution?

Select the blue “Edit Slides” button on the slider group that you want to edit. This will display a list of the slides in the slider group. Select the green “Edit Slide” Button underneath the thumbnail of the slide that you want to add your text to. From this page, you can make any necessary edits to your slide.

How do I change the font size in Revolution slider mobile?

You can actually change the font size base on device/screen width. To use this option, you first have to enable a Custom Grid Size for additional screens/devices. Toggling between the different options here will allow you to style and position your Layer content based on the selected screen/device.

How do you wrap text in Revolution slider?

The best way to ensure that text wraps properly in Revolution Slider is to use the trusty line break element (i.e. ). This might look something like the following: This is the first line of text. This is the second line of text.

How do I change the font style in WordPress?

Changing Fonts To change the custom fonts you use, go to Appearance → Customize → Fonts and select a different Header or Base Font. Or, you can switch back to your Theme’s default font by clicking the X to the right of the custom font name.

Where do I put custom fonts?

All fonts are stored in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder. You can also add fonts by simply dragging font files from the extracted files folder into this folder. Windows will automatically install them. If you want to see what a font looks like, open the Fonts folder, right-click the font file, and then click Preview.