How did Jamaal Charles tear his ACL?

According to head coach Andy Reid, initial reports are that Charles tore his ACL. Midway through the third quarter, with the Chiefs leading 17–3, Charles went down during a run around the Bears’ 10-yard-line, holding his right knee.

What QB played on a torn ACL?

Falcons quarterback AJ McCarron needs season-ending surgery after suffering a torn ACL in his knee, a source confirmed to The Athletic on Sunday. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first reported the news.

Can a player come back from a torn ACL?

Although an ACL tear can be a devastating injury, the player can return to their prior level of competition through proper medical management and rehabilitation.

Who was the Chiefs running back in 2014?


Pos Player Age
RB Jamaal Charles* 28
RB Anthony Sherman 26
WR Dwayne Bowe 30
TE Anthony Fasano 30

Who has torn their ACL the most?

Because more men play sports than women, the number of ACL reconstructions is higher in men. Of 6,700 ACL reconstruction patients treated at Shelbourne Knee Center over 36 years,1 62% were male and 38% were female. In general, female athletes are about twice as likely to tear their ACL as men.

Is your knee ever the same after ACL surgery?

For the most part, patients’ range-of-motion 10 years after surgery was the same as it had been two years after the operation. About 85 per cent of the 502 patients had a stable knee they could hop on. Strength was clearly less in those patients who didn’t have full motion.

Can you recover 100 from a torn ACL?

ACL Surgery Recovery Time If your surgery was successful with no complications and you plan to follow the rehabilitation recommendations of your orthopedic surgeon to the letter, the best guess is no less than six months. For some, it can take up to two years to get back to 100%.

What year did the Chiefs not score a touchdown?

The 2014 Kansas City Chiefs became the first NFL team since the 1964 New York Giants, and the only team in the 16 game season era, to complete an entire season with no touchdown passes to a wide receiver.