How deep is the Kawarau River?

approximately 4m deep
At this point the river is about 60m wide and approximately 4m deep. The Kawarau River is a major tributary of the Clutha River. The catchment is predominantly grassed farmland and urban, ranging from lowlands to high country. The head of the catchment is in the Southern Alps.

Which way does the Kawarau River flow?

Lake Wakatipu, in northwestern Otago, drains to the Kawarau River, which flows generally eastwards for about 60 km until it reaches Lake Dunstan near Cromwell.

How long is the Kawarau River?

37 miKawarau River / Length

How was the Kawarau River formed?

The Kawarau River flows through the gorge after draining glacial Lake Wakatipu, which is the largest lake in New Zealand, and the Arrow River system is also tributary to the Kawarau just above the gorge, which serves as their outflows east-ward to the Upper Clutha Basin.

What does Kawarau mean in English?

Kawarau is a Māori name meaning “channel between rocks or shoals”. It shares its name with the mountain range at its source.

How do you pronounce Kawarau?

Queenstown kaumatua Darren Rewi, on the shore of Lake Wakatipu. A classic example was the Kawarau River – widely pronounced as Kar-wa-ra or Ka-wa-row or Ka-wa-roe.

Where does the Kawarau River start?

Lake WakatipuKawarau River / Source

What’s the Māori name for Queenstown?

Nestled on the banks of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown (Māori name Tahuna) is one of New Zealand’s most loved tourist and holiday destinations. The town is settled right at the lake’s edge, surrounded by scenic mountain ranges. The Wakatipu Basin was created by glacial movement some 15,000 years ago.

Why is it called Queenstown?

Queenstown from Gold Rush Era to Present The name Queenstown was chosen in 1863 at a public meeting. Although not certain, it is assumed that the name was chosen due to the miners being of Irish origin, as Queen Victoria had bestowed the name Queenstown to a small settlement in County Cork named The Cove.

Did Maori live in Queenstown?

Maori History Polynesians first hunted in the Queenstown area in 1200AD, but found it a bit cold for permanent settlement. Maoris also travelled to Queenstown from the West Coast in search of food, stone and fibre.