How can you tell if a cameo is vintage?

An antique cameo should have a “c-clasp,” which means the brooch pin loops under a crescent shaped piece of metal to hold it in place. Since authentic cameos are set in gold or silver, you should always check the setting for a hallmark that indicates the kind of precious metal used (14K, 925, 999, etc.).

Are cameo jewelry worth anything?

Authentic cameo pendants are still highly valued and collected today, leading to waves of unique interpretations of this quintessential vintage jewelry staple. During the 20th century, as costume jewelry became mainstream, inexpensive replicas of antique cameo jewelry made out of shell and plastic emerged.

What is a cameo necklace worth?

Cameo jewelry values vary significantly depending upon the intricacy of the carving and authenticity of the piece. High-quality, one-of-a-kind cameo can cost upwards of $10,000; however, cameo knock-offs can be quite inexpensive.

How do you date a cameo pendant?

Mythology shell cameos usually date from the 18th Century to the very early 20th Century. Pay attention to the nose. Portrait cameo’s that are painted or carved with a straight nose are usually the Victorian Era; and strong roman noses are pre-1860’s. If the nose is pert and cute, it is generally the 21st century.

Where are cameos made in Italy?

Torre del Greco
The world center for cameo carving in shell is Torre del Greco, Italy.

How much are vintage cameos worth?

There are a few high-end retailers who specialize in Antique cameo jewelry. Lang Antiques carries high quality and more expensive antique cameos from $1000 – over $7000. 1st Dibs has a selction of high quality and more expensive antique cameos from $1000 – over $7000.

What are old cameos worth?

1st Dibs has a selction of high quality and more expensive antique cameos from $1000 – over $7000. Ruby Lane often has cameo jewelry, typically below $1000. Medieval Rings sometimes has very fine cameo rings up to $10000.

Why are cameo jewelry so expensive?

Material. The finest, more expensive cameos are those made from semi-precious and stone materials. Agate is one of the most popular since it’s difficult to carve and requires significantly more talent to produce. Those made of stones will outlast the less expensive recreations made from shells or plastic.

How do you value a cameo?

The key to appraising a cameo is identifying what the cameo is made out of. Ideally, the cameo is made out of shell, coral, stone, or lava. Shell cameos are typically made out of conch shell and have an orangish-pink background with a white or cream foreground.

What is Italian cameo made from?

Shell cameos The finest hand-carving of these shells takes place in Italy. The most highly prized shell for carving is the emperor or queen’s helmet shell, Cassis madagascariensis. This shell has white and dark brown layers and is known as sardonyx shell, and looks similar to the layered agate known as sardonyx.

Are left facing cameo rare?

There’s a lesser known fact that left facing Cameos are actually more rare, and therefore more valuable. And there’s also a much more well-known mantra with Cameos: “The Nose Knows.” As fashions changed throughout the ages, so did the carved features of the women in profile.

What Stone is a cameo made of?

The cameo is usually a gem (commonly agate, onyx, or sardonyx) having two different coloured layers, with the figures carved in one layer so that they are raised on a background of the other. The cameo is the converse of the intaglio, which consists of an incised, or sunken, engraving in the same class of materials.