How can I subscribe to Ufone full toss?

Dial *2001# for Uth Full Toss offer and talk for Rs. 1 per hour. Offer Details: Call all Ufone numbers at Re.

What is Ufone 63 paisa package?

After 30 days of subscription, subscribers will be charged at 63 paisa per 30 seconds. No voice buckets other than International Direct Dialing bucket is included in this offer. Friends and Family numbers are not included in this offer. Standard charges will be applied on all calls made to free numbers and short codes.

What is the package of Ufone?

Surf the internet for free and talk as much as U want everyday with this daily package from Ufone , for price as low as Rs….Daily Pakistan Offer.

Price : Rs. 18 including taxes Validity: 1 Day
Internet: 10 MB Ufone & PTCL: 100 minutes
SMS: N/A Dial *888#

How can I get free 2 hours on Ufone?

Make 2-hour long calls for just Rs. 6.5 including taxes to any Ufone & PTCL numbers. *343# or activate through My Ufone app under Bundles -> Offers option. Please enter your mobile number below.

What is Ufone student offer?

With this new offer, named Student Offer, Ufone Uth customers can call any Ufone number for Rs. 0.75/hour and text at Rs. 0.20/SMS, for a subscription charges of Rs. 3/day.

How can I get ufone package?

To activate the bundle, Ufone customers have to dial *3461# or use Ufone mobile app or website. To check remaining resources of this bundle, customers have to dial *706#. In the “Daily Light Bundle, customers will get 500 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and Twitter + 40 MB for other stuff in Rs. 12 for the whole day.

What is UWON?

Any Network, Any Time – One Rate. An extremely simple per minute call rate.

How can I get Ufone SMS package?

How to Subscribe

  1. Step 1: Go to ‘Write message’ and type ‘Sub’
  2. Step 2: Send to the respective code of the required subscription plan or SMS bundle. Example: Send “Sub” in an SMS to 603 for subscribing to Fortnightly Package.

How can I transfer balance from Ufone to jazz?

How to transfer the balance from Ufone to another network is given below.

  1. Dial *828*Recipient Number*Amount# i.e. *828*0333XXXXXXX*50#
  2. Press the send button and wait for the confirmation message.
  3. As soon as you receive the message, reply to it with 1 to proceed.

How can I subscribe to Ufone 3 PE 3?


  1. To subscribe dial: *343#
  2. Or activate through My Ufone app under Bundles -> Offers option.

How can I get free minutes on U?

Ufone gives the treat of Free minutes and Free SMS

  1. Put back Ufone SIM.
  2. SMS ‘SIM’ to 234 or dial *234# to avail this offer.