How can I make my corner fireplace look good?

Corner fireplaces can sometimes feel a little imposing, but there are ways of creating a more subtle effect if that’s what you’re after. ‘Try a less bold tile, stone or brick and keep wall paint light so the space appears bigger’, says Hillary Quinn, owner of Grace Oak Designs.

Do corner fireplaces save space?

A Beautiful Space-Saving Solution In spacious living rooms, it frees up wall space on which you can hang artwork, place an entertainment unit, or add a bookshelf or curio cabinet. In studies or offices, corner fireplaces add warmth and architectural distinction without sacrificing valuable space.

Is a corner fireplace a good idea?

Corner fireplaces offer myriad benefits to folks with gathering rooms great or small. Taking advantage of underused areas, corner fireplaces maximize space by leaving longer walls open for furniture placement. They generate ample heat and can act as a room’s focal point or as an anchor for a secondary seating area.

How do you make a corner fireplace look modern?

For a more modern approach, using natural materials such as glass, slate or concrete will give your fireplace a more polished look. Symmetry is also an important design aspect since this is a corner fireplace after all. You want a balanced appearance so take note of doors, windows and the overall symmetry of the room.

What can I do with a corner fireplace?

Corner fireplace ideas – 11 cozy looks to make the most of an underused space

  1. Blend in a corner fireplace.
  2. Opt for an understated style.
  3. Go rustic with a stone corner fireplace.
  4. Open up a chimney breast to create a corner fireplace.
  5. Keep it open for a chic industrial design.
  6. Break the symmetry with an off center fireplace.

Are corner fireplaces tacky?

They look extremely fake, and usually, quite tacky. By investing your money wisely in a more efficient, powerful electrical fireplace with realistic 3D flame effects, you will not only be happier with how it looks and feels in your home, but your energy bill will thank you.

How much room is needed for a corner fireplace?

The distance between mantel and the corner should be at least two feet for an optimal viewing experience, though three feet is ideal. Three foot wide Corner vent gas Fireplaces are less common than their 42 inch counterparts, so you might have to settle for a slightly smaller model.

How much room do you need for a corner fireplace?

What do you put over a corner fireplace?

I like the look of a corner fireplace having a different texture than the rest of the room. Wood, stone or even bead board (depending on your style) are good options. Or, you could go with something less permanent like grasscloth wallpaper—or even paint.