How can I compare two branches in git?

Compare two branches using git diff

  1. In order to compare two branches easily, you have to use the “git diff” command and provide the branch names separated by dots.
  2. In order to compare two branches, you can also use the “git diff” command and provide the branch names separated by three dots.

How do I compare two branches in Intellij?

Select a file or a folder in the Project tool window, and choose | Compare With Branch from the context menu. Choose the branch you want to compare the current file or folder version with from the dialog that opens.

Can you git diff two files?

The git diff command displays the differences between files in two commits or between a commit and your current repository. You can see what text has been added to, removed from, and changed in a file. By default, the git diff command displays any uncommitted changes to your repository.

How do I make a branch match master?

You first need to git fetch and git merge your master branch that is following the remote master branch. You can do this with git checkout master then git pull origin master . This will bring your master branch up to a place that is equilivant with the remote repository.

When should you avoid rebasing a branch?

If you use pull requests as part of your code review process, you need to avoid using git rebase after creating the pull request. As soon as you make the pull request, other developers will be looking at your commits, which means that it’s a public branch.

How do I show Git Diff in IntelliJ?

To open the Diff & Merge page, open settings by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S and navigate to Tools | Diff & Merge. Click this button to scroll both differences panes simultaneously.

How do I compare two tags in IntelliJ?

To open the Compare page

  1. Click Compare at the top of the project home page:
  2. Type in IDs of the revisions or branches, or tags that you want to compare into the text fields. Alternatively you can select branches from the drop-down list::

How do I compare two branches in BitBucket?

BitBucket Cloud ( supports commit comparison on the branch compare page:

  1. Navigate to a repo.
  2. Click the ‘+’ menu in the left-nav.
  3. Click ‘Compare branches and tags’
  4. Paste your commit hashes into the search fields in the branch/tag dropdowns.
  5. Click ‘Compare’