How can I check my KCSE results online 2015?

Open the KNEC portal website. Choose the option “examination results”. At the first drop-down list, you have to choose KCSE examination and at the second drop-down list, you have to choose the year. Then a text box will appear, you need to give your KCSE Index number and then click on ‘submit’ button.

How can I check my KCSE results online?

How to Check KCSE Results 2021/2022 Online

  1. Visit the Official KNEC website (
  2. Check for the KCSE Results tab, click on it.
  3. Select the year you sat for the Exams.
  4. Enter your Index number.
  5. Finally click the Submit button.
  6. Your KCSE results should show on the screen after a while.

How many KCSE are there 2015?

Number of A’s in 2015 KCSE reduced from 3073 in 2014 KCSE results to 2636 in 2015 KCSE results.

When did KCSE 2015 end?

Here are quick facts you need to know about this year’s KCPE and KCSE exams. KCPE will start on November 10 and end on November 12. KCSE theory papers start on October 12, nine days earlier than the tradition in which the Form Four tests usually begin a day after Mashujaa Day.

How can I download KCSE results online for whole school?

How can I check my KCSE certificate?

Validating or confirming the authenticity of education certificates in Kenya is done by making an Application for Statement of Examination Result to Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). Visit the Kenya National Education Council offices or KNEC Website to initiate the application.

How can I download KCSE certificate?

I have lost my KCPE/KCSE examination certificate, can I have it replaced? You may apply for a Certification Letter. Kindly visit our website: Click on the “Downloads” and download the instructions for applying for a Certification Letter.

How can I download KCSE result?

Check KCSE Results

  1. Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal –
  2. To login to the KNEC portal, Insert the User Name and Password which you used during the KCSE Registration.
  3. Once inside the portal, you will see several boxes.
  4. When all the slips are loaded, click on the menu labelled ‘EXPORT’.

Who topped KCSE 2015?

Strathmore University’s CPA student, top student in the 2015 national examinations KCSE, a singer, an athlete, humble, intelligent, jovial, are among the many qualities that can be used to describe 18 year old, Derrick Yegon, a man of few words.

When did Kcpe 2011 end?

November 10 2011
The examination conducted between November 8 and November 10 2011 was undertaken by 775,829 candidates in 22,154 centres countrywide. The top candidate Nationally, Kagiri Christine Muthoni scored 442 which is a tie with Irungu Waiharu followed by Karanja Hebert Christine with a score of 441 marks.

How can I get KCSE results for all schools?

Check KCSE Results SMS Code 2021/22 KCSE SMS number. Send an SMS with your index number to 20076 or check on the KNEC website in the field that requires you to insert your index number. Candidates should visit their examination centers for their official results slip. 2021 KCSE 2022 Results.

How can I check my academic certificate in Kenya?