How can I check if a number plate is available?

You can see the status through this web page –

  1. LTO online plate availability checker. You need to enter the 15-digit MV file number.
  2. MV File location in Certificate of Registration.
  3. LTO Plate Availability Schedule Per Region.

How do I reserve a number plate NSW?

NSW storms and floods: Call 13 77 88 for assistance 7am to 10pm….What you need

  1. the PDF form – ‘Number Plates and/or Cancellation of Registration Application Form’
  2. the number plates you want reserved.
  3. your proof of identity.
  4. your payment.
  5. current certificate of registration (if possible).

What are the new number plates for 2022?

From 1st March 2022, new cars will be registered with a new number plate, featuring a new ’22’ registration tag. More number plates are set to be released in September with a new ’72-plate’ – these will apply to any new vehicle registered until February 28th, 2023.

How can I verify a number plate over the Internet?

How to verify vehicle LTO plate number via internet?

  1. Access the Land Transportation Office site.
  2. Choose the icon “Register a vehicle via the Internet”
  3. Vehicle registration will be guided in detail. It saves time going to the vehicle registration office to ask the vehicle registration officers for guidance.

Can I make my own number plate NSW?

If you’d like to personalise your number plates, you can order special plates with a variety of options, including background colour, letters and style of plate.

How much does it cost to reserve number plates NSW?

If you are the seller of the vehicle and want to keep your personalised plates, you will need to reserve these plates at a registry or Service NSW centre, and have standard plates issued to the vehicle you are selling. Standard plates fees are $47, at the time of writing.

What is the most expensive Reg plate?

In fact, the most expensive number plate in the world is literally “1”, and can be found the United Arab Emirates. It was purchased by Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri in 2008 for a price tag of £7.25 mil.

What is the new reg for 2021?

Number Plate Series Release Dates and Age Identifiers

Age Identifier Release Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
20 series 01-03-2020
21 series 01-03-2021
22 series 01-03-2022
23 series 01-03-2023