How big does a spilled wine weigela get?

Reaches 1 to 2 ft. tall and 2 to 3 ft. wide.

Does spilled wine weigela spread?

Spilled Wine® weigela has dark red, wavy leaves and a spreading habit.

Should you cut back spilled wine weigela?

It requires moist, well drained soil. This Weigela is adaptable to all soil types with varying PH level. Apply a slow release fertilizer in early spring that is specific to shrubs. Pruning should take place right after flowering is finished for the season.

What can I plant with spilled weigela Wine?

Alternate barberry bushes with weigela shrubs for a colorful hedge that will remain beautiful from spring to fall.

  1. Hydrangeas are very similar to weigelas.
  2. Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) is a small shrub with foliage that remains a bright burgundy color throughout the growing season.

Does spilled wine weigela bloom all summer?

Tuck in with existing border or use as a mass planting. Vivid pink, funnel-shaped blooms of Weigela Spilled Wine® in spring attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Low-maintenance….Details.

Type: Shrubs
Height: Medium 2′
Spacing: Plant 3′ apart
Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Summer
Sun-Shade: Full Sun

Does weigela like full sun?

Weigela is versatile, growing in both sun and partial shade, although best flowering occurs when you plant your shrub in full sun. There are two exceptions to the full-sun rule. First, in the hottest regions of the country, light afternoon shade helps protect the plant.

Is spilled wine weigela a perennial?

Weigela are deciduous shrubs that are very adaptable and easily grown. Prolific, trumpet-shaped flowers on gracefully arching branches. Adored by hummingbirds. Proven Winners® selections are trialed and tested to be colorful, long blooming, carefree and easy to grow.

Is spilled Wine weigela a perennial?

How do you prune spilled weigela Wine?

You can cut back any one branch of the weigela by one-third each season if you are looking to control size. Also, make sure that when you prune weigela branches that you cut them back to a point where two branches meet. When trimming weigelas, you can use either hand trimmers or hedge clippers.

How tall does a weigela grow?

Upright to spreading in habit, some weigelas reach up to 3m in height. Recent breeding has introduced some more compact cultivars with a height and spread of 1.5m (4-5ft) or below.