How big are Maltese dogs full grown?

around seven to 12 inches
Physical Traits. Maltese dogs only grow to around seven to 12 inches in height and weigh about four to eight pounds. They are the perfect size for snuggling on your lap. They are probably best known for their long and silky white coat that hangs down to the ground.

Is a Maltese a small or medium dog?

“They’re a small dog breed that has a good temperament,” Derse says. “They’re just playful, they’re vigorous, they’re cute, and they’re affectionate.” Most owners choose to keep their Maltese’s coat cut short. Not only is it adorable, but it’s much easier to groom!

Do Maltese puppies grow big?

As long as your Maltese is purebred, he will most likely not exceed 8 pounds, so you will indeed have a tiny toy sized dog, and it is not recommended to get caught up in the difference of a pound or two.

How much does a Maltese cost?

The average Maltese puppy costs about $600 to $2,000. The price is largely dependent on the puppy’s pedigree and the breeder’s experience. While these dogs don’t actually cost much to breed due to their small size, their high demand often drives up the price.

How much money is a Maltese?

While a Maltese is a smaller dog, they are also quite expensive. The average Maltese puppy costs about $600 to $2,000. The price is largely dependent on the puppy’s pedigree and the breeder’s experience.

How big do Maltese dogs get on average?

Typically, a full-grown Maltese can weigh anywhere between 3.5 to 7 pounds. Matching their lightweight build, they’re only 7 to 9 inches tall at the shoulder. Of course, some dogs can be a little bit larger as well. However, you probably won’t be able to find a Maltese weighing more than 11 pounds.

What is the average height of a Maltese dog?

The average Maltese height is between 8-10 inches for males and 8-9 inches for females. These dogs typically weigh no more than seven pounds by the time they are between six to eight months old. Like any dog in the toy range, the Maltese were bred as a portable, sweet-matured companion.

What is the average weight of a Maltese dog?

Though the breed standard calls out for a Maltese to be under 7 lbs. (3.17 kg), a healthy weight for an adult Maltese is 3 or 4 lbs. to 8 pounds (1.36 to 1.81 kilograms to 3.62 kilograms). Some dogs will have slightly larger bone structure, therefore a pound or so over that 7 lb. limit is not unusual and no cause for concern.

When does a Maltese dog grow to full size?

Your Maltese dog would have reached his full size by the time of his first birthday. In fact, you probably would have noticed that he had to stop growing by at least three months before this. However, there are a few rare instances where a Maltese dog continues to grow until they are about 15 months old.