Has Joanna Lumley got any family?

Joanna is both a mother and a grandma! At 21, she gave birth to her only child, a son named Jamie Lumley. Joanna has a very close relationship with Jamie, who she raised as a single mother after she split from his father, the photographer Michael Claydon.

Who is Jamie Lumleys dad?

Michael ClaydonJamie Lumley / Father

Who is Jamie Lumleys wife?

Teresa GibbsJamie Lumley / Wife (m. 2002)

Who is Joanna Lumley married to today?

conductor Stephen Barlow
She married the conductor Stephen Barlow in 1986; they live in London. They also own a house near the village of Penpont, Dumfriesshire, in Scotland. Lumley supports over 60 charities, and has been a vegetarian for 40 years.

Did Michael Kitchen go out with Joanna Lumley?

She called him her “timeless passion.” Michael Kitchen with Joanna Lumley, his former girlfriend. She called him her “timeless passion.”

Is Jennifer Saunders married?

Ade EdmondsonJennifer Saunders / Spouse (m. 1985)

What nationality were Joanna Lumleys parents?

My first breath was of Indian air. My father, James, was born in what is now Pakistan, as was my elder sister, Aelene, while my mother, Thyra, spent part of her childhood in the Himalayas. My early childhood was spent in Hong Kong and Malaya [now Malaysia]. We came back to England when I was eight.

Who is Joanna Lumleys father?

James Rutherford LumleyJoanna Lumley / Father

How old is Joanna Lumley’s husband Stephen Barlow?

Stephen Barlow is a 67-year-old musician and conductor, who Joanna first heard of aged 21, while he was just 13. He studied at Cambridge as an Organ scholar. Between 2011 and 2018 Stephen was the Artistic Director of the Buxton Festival.

Is Joanna Lumley vegan?

Vegan for the planet Acclaimed actor Joanna Lumley, who previously confirmed that she never eats meat or fish, told I news: “Veganuary’s mission is to make the world a kinder, safer, happier place for all, which makes their January campaign utterly irresistible.

Is actor Michael Kitchen married?

Rowena MillerMichael Kitchen / Spouse (m. 1988)