Half Life 3 Release Date, Gameplay, And Other Speculations –


One of the most debated names which might never even release, the Half Life 3 has certainly been a rather controversial name in the world of gaming off late. Users have been demanding this game for several years now, but never has the demand been this high. And it is just due to this rising demand that the company is forced to bend over backwards and even discuss about creating this game. Screenshot_11

According to various sources, the very reason that the Half Life 3 game would even come out is because the market demand is too high right now, and people are willing to play this game more than ever before. Any delay in the release could be disastrous for the company.

The rumors surrounding the cancellation of the game were starting to sound when Marc Laidlaw, the man who had been working on the game with Valve for the past sixteen years left the company. However, speculations indicate that Marc wrote the game before he left and the core team which makes the game has been briefed on the direction part already.

There have been rumors surrounding the fact that the Half Life 3 game might come out in a complete VR setup, as Valve, Steam and HTC have been working on the HTC Vive – the VR device for the next generation of gaming. Half Life 3 might as well be the first in the next generation games.

Expected to feature more violence, more weapons and a more emotional storyline in a dystopian setting, the Half Life 3 game is expected to be announced during the E3 event, and it is likely to release by mid-2017.

Over the months, it is expected that Valve will start showing off teasers for the same. This game has been a classic case of the users demanding the creation of a game, forcing the devs to actually make it.