Drinking Moscow Mules in Copper Mugs Could Be Harming You!


According to a recent health update, it has been reported that drinking beverages in copper mugs could be harmful for a person’s health.

Health officials have warned that drinking in the popular copper mugs in which Moscow Mules are served could be poisoning people.

The drink, comprising of Vodka, traditionally comes in copper mugs. However, a lot of places serve these drinks in mugs which are stainless steel but just look copper, those vessels are safe to drink from comparatively.

Health officials have said that the acid present in the cocktail can leech out the copper metal and mix with the drink. Once swallowed the drink can cause stomach pains and one may feel the urge to rush to the washroom. There could be even worse symptoms due to the poisoning.

According to an advisory bulletin from Iowa’s alcoholic beverages division, copper should not come in contact with acidic food with a PH below 6, in keeping with the food and drug administration guidelines.

Acidic food with a PH level below 6 include vinegar, fruit juice, wine and a traditional Moscow Mule. The bulletin added that the PH level of a Moscow Mule in “well below 6.0”.

Certain symptoms of poisoning because of copper could include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting and even jaundice, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Drinking water in copper vessels is considered to increase health benefits in certain culture. However, according to reports any acidic drink or food consumed in the vessel can lead to dangerous ill-effects.

We advise the readers to take caution while drinking acidic drinks, particularly the ones with the PH level below 6, in copper cups or mugs, to avoid any ill-effects.

Source: KRON