Does transfer board have weight limit?

It boasts a weight capacity of 300 pounds. ESSENTIAL MOBILITY AID. Measuring 8” x 30” in size, the BodyHealt features rounded corners, tapered ends and a smooth finish to provide an easy patient transfer from a wheelchair, bed, chair or commode. OPEN HAND CUTOUTS.

What is a body transfer board?

A transfer board is typically a flat, rigid board made of wood or plastic. It’s used to bridge two surfaces. Using a transfer board has certain benefits. For instance, it allows you to move between surfaces without using your legs. It allows for several small movements instead of one big motion.

What are transfer boards usually used with?

Transfer Boards are used to bridge the gap between two sitting surfaces eg bed to chair, chair to commode and wheelchair to car, and allow a person to transfer between the two.

What is a banana board?

This Banana Transfer Board is designed to assist in the seated transfer of a patient between two surfaces. Transfers from Bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to Chair, wheelchair to toilet etc are just some of the uses the board can be put to.

Where should the caregiver be positioned during a transfer board Transfer?

You or your caregiver should slide one end of the transfer board beneath your thigh. Point it downward to keep from pinching the skin. Leaning your upper body in the opposite direction from the board can make placing the board easier. The other end of the board should be placed flat on the wheelchair seat.

What are the benefits of using a transfer board?

Using a transfer board has certain benefits. For example, an individual can move between surfaces without using their legs, allowing incremental movements instead of one big motion. It also requires less upper body strength than other types of transfers. Most importantly, it supports the individual’s independence.

How long should a transfer board be?

A patient transfer board is used to help a patient to another seated position on a chair, bed or wheelchair. It is a long, smooth board usually about two feet long.