Does the Kahr CM9 have a safety?

No safety – yes! This two moronic safety devices can get you killed if you ever need to really use your gun. I will never carry a gun which will not operate just like a revolver; pull trigger and the gun goes bang. These examples are why I love, love, love, the little Kahr CM9.

When was the Kahr CM9 made?

A standout in the line-up, in my opinion, is the CM9, introduced in 2011. This is essentially an economy version of their outstanding little Kahr PM9, which set a new benchmark for “slim-nines,” or super-slim 9mm carry pistols. The CM9 and the PM9 are identically small in height and length.

What ammo does a Kahr CM9?

The gun under review here is the newly released Kahr Arms CM9. This is their new economy version of their 9mm sub-compact line-up. The slide is stainless steel, with a polymer frame. Magazine capacity on the CM9 is 6+1 rounds, and the gun only comes with one magazine, but spare mags are readily available.

How accurate is the Kahr CM9?

ACCURACY & RELIABILITY As this is a concealed carry gun, I tested accuracy at reasonable defensive distances from point blank to 7-yards (21 feet) and found the Kahr CM9 quite accurate. At the longer 7 yard distances I was able to deliver standing two hand supported 12-round 1.

What is the trigger pull on a Kahr CM9?

Trigger pull averages about 6 pounds, 8 ounces. The smooth, wide trigger no doubt makes the pull feel less. Performing a reload with a small pistol can be difficult and requires a slight change in technique. Kahr pistols are known for their thin girth and lightweight heft and the CM9 is no different.

Is Kahr Arms a good brand?

ABOUT KAHR ARMS Until about six months ago, I had written off Kahr arms as a brand I would consider. As a marketing professional, I generally steer clear of brands that use hot babes to sell products when it really is not required.

What is the difference between the PM9 and CM9?

Enter the CM9, a 9mm subcompact pistol that won’t take a large bite out of your wallet but performs flawlessly. The CM9 is everything the PM9 is except for a few modifications that make it much more affordable. Think of the CM9 as a PM9 stripped of all unnecessary adornment.