Does the Dynojet Power Vision have to stay plugged in?

It does not need to stay plugged in – we will flash the stock ECU with a new program and tuning data, and then we just unplug the unit and ride away.

Can Dynojet Power Vision be used on multiple bikes?

Answer: Yes! There is no limit to how many Tune Licenses you can buy and use with your Power Vision. You can tune each bike as many times as you’d like with no restrictions or limitations.

Does the Power Vision tuner stay with the bike?

No. You can remove the display and your bike will run with the last tune that was sent to the ECM.

What is the difference between power commander and Power Vision?

The Power Commander offers faster real-time tuning through the device whereas the Power Vision CX requires the ECM to be re-flashed after changes are made to the tune.

How do you AutoTune with Dynojet Power Vision?

Choose Tune to enable Auto Tune

  1. Turn Ignition switch and Run switch to ON position.
  2. From main screen select PROGRAM VEHICLE then touch ACCEPT.
  3. Choose AUTOTUNE to to enter the main Auto Tune screen.
  4. To enable Auto Tune select ENABLE AT which brings up the Tune Manager.

Can you reuse a Power Vision tuner?

The Power Vision, by default has the ability to tune one bike. Once it is married to a specific bike, it cannot be used to tune another bike. However, a license can be purchased allowing the Power Vision to tune another bike.

How do I unlock Dynojet Power Vision?


  1. Plug in the USB cable into the Power Vision.
  2. After the Power Vision boots up and says “PC Link Mode Active”.
  3. Launch the WinPV Software.
  4. On the menu bar, go to “Power Vision”, and choose “PV Info”.
  5. Copy the text displayed in the window.
  6. Purchase the Unlock License using the ‘Add to Cart’ button above.

How does Power Commander AutoTune work?

Once installed, the AutoTune kit monitors the air/fuel ratio. It then sends this information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects it as you ride, letting you feel the changes as they happen.

Is a Dynojet tuner waterproof?

This is what Matt at Dynojet tells me: “The unit is water resistant. The circuit board is covered with potting material. It can get fairly wet with no issue.