Does PMD Microderm really work?

It works on my fine lines around my eyes and I have noticed a difference in the wrinkles on my forehead as well. My skin is baby soft and glowing with color! It is extremely easy to use.

Is the PMD worth buying?

I have been eyeing this product for over a year now contemplating whether or not it was worth the investment, and I can now confidently say, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! There are four Personal Microderm tools ranging in price from $159 to $199: Classic, Plus, Pro and Man.

What is the difference between PMD and PMD Pro?

The Classic is our standard device that has 1 speed, classic caps, and comes with 4 discs. The Pro is best for sensitive skin and is our most user-friendly device because it has 2 speeds(one is slower, so it removes less dead skin per pass), it has smooth glide caps, and comes with a full range of discs!

How often should you use PMD microdermabrasion?

once every 7 days
The Personal Microderm should only be used once every 7 days. Each discs will last 3-4 uses. Most treatments will last three to five minutes. The size of the area being treated and the length of each treatment will ultimately determine how long a disc can be used.

Are home microdermabrasion kits worth it?

If you think you’re ready to give one of the machines or potent scrubs a try, dermatologists say these microdermabrasion products are the safest, most effective on the market today. A winning drugstore pick that provides gentle exfoliation to help clear and shrink pores.

What is better PMD or Foreo?

The quality just speaks for itself and the overall build of the Foreo Luna 3 is sturdy and sleek as well. Here’s a comparison of the two devices side by side. You can clearly tell the Foreo Luna 3 has a bigger surface area, while the PMD clean pro is much smaller and will take a little longer to get the job done.

How often should I use the PMD microdermabrasion?