Does LSE have PhD programs?

We offer five PhD programmes: MPhil/PhD Economic Geography. MPhil/PhD Environmental Economics. MPhil/PhD Environmental Policy and Development.

How do I get a PhD in London School of Economics?

Making an application You will need to write a research proposal, personal statement and have a CV. The referees you choose are important as they will write about your academic achievements and potential. Get in touch with them early and ask for their advice too. Search programmes with spaces at LSE.

How long does a PhD take at LSE?

Five to six years full-time: two years MRes, three to four years PhD. Please note that LSE allows part-time PhD study only under limited circumstances. Please see for more information.

Does LSE offer part-time PhD?

Can I apply to pursue a PhD part-time? We will consider applications for part-time registration, subject to visa regulations, but we strongly recommend full-time registration. We do not recommend attempting to pursue a PhD while in full-time employment.

How many years is a PhD in economics?

5 years
The “normal” length of the economics PhD program is 5 years. Some students manage to complete their dissertation in less time, while some students take longer.

What can a PhD in economics do?

With a PhD in economics, you can choose to become a college professor or work at the Federal Reserve, international agencies, consulting firms, private banks, or other for-profit ventures.

How long is an economics PhD in the UK?


Run by Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
Awards available PhD
Programme length Four years full-time (minimum period of study three years); seven years part-time.
Location of programme Clifton campus
Part-time study available Yes

What can I do with a PhD in economics?

How long is a PhD program economics?

Is an economics PhD worth it?

An economics PhD is one of the most attractive graduate programs: if you get through, you have a high chance of landing an impactful research job in academia or policy. In particular, academic economics is one of the best ways of conducting and promoting global priorities research, one of our priority paths.

Is a PhD in economics difficult?

A PhD in any field not just economics is difficult, not so much because of the content or requirements, but because it is a research training exercise. You are learning and applying skills and abilities that you likely never had before or at least developing those that you had that weren’t very well developed.

Is PhD in economics in demand?

Excellent job prospects: You are nearly guaranteed a job. The unemployment rate for economics PhD’s is very low (0.8% in 2013) and data indicates that it has the lowest unemployment rate of all science and engineering PhD’s.