Does Lowes carry BRK smoke detectors?

First Alert Brk 3-Pack Hardwired Smoke Detector in the Smoke Detectors department at

Does BRK 9120B replace 4120B?

Yes. I just replaced 2 very old (older than 10 years) BRK Electronics Model 4120B smoke detectors with these newer First Alert/BRK Brand Model 9120B units. My older units were yellowed with age, so I also replaced the plastic base.

Is BRK and First Alert the same?

First Alert is our retail division, and BRK is our commercial division. Note: Some retailers sell BRK products under the First Alert brand. Although BRK packaging is different, rest assured that you’ll receive the same quality First Alert product.

What smoke detectors are compatible with BRK?

Compatible BRK alarms: 4120-series, 9120-series, 7010-series, 5919,2002RAC, SC6120B, SC9120B, HD6135FB, RM3. Compatible Kidde alarms: 125-series, 1275-series, 1285-series, 1276, PE120/PE120E, PI1200. JD135F.

How often should you replace smoke detectors?

every 10 years
Because alarm sensors wear out, replace each alarm at least every 10 years. Also, alarms have labels showing when they were made. If you don’t see a label, the alarm is old and must be replaced. Dust and cobwebs make it harder for alarms to detect smoke.

Why does my BRK smoke detector chirping?

Low battery. As the battery in a smoke alarm becomes weak, the smoke alarm will “chirp” about once a minute to alert you that the battery needs to be replaced. Note: Only the alarm with a low battery will chirp. No signal is sent through the interconnect wire. The other alarms will be silent.

Is BRK Electronics still in business?

They are still here, still making the most recognized consumer brands of smoke and CO alarms on the market. Their brands include BRK®, First Alert®, Family Gard®, Tundra® and OneLink®.

Can you mix brands of hardwired smoke detectors?

Absolutely! You can mix and match hardwired First Alert, BRK, and Onelink models. All of our current models use the same wiring harness and connector. We do not recommend mixing different brands since we can only guarantee the performance of First Alert and BRK alarms.

How long do BRK smoke detectors last?

10-Year alarms can improve protection, minimize liability, and help save time and money.

Can I mix smoke detector brands?