Does Lomandra need to be cut back?

Lomandra has become a very popular landscape plant due to it’s grass-like appearance and low maintenance requirements. While they do not require annual pruning like grasses, they do benefit from a hard pruning after a number of years in the ground.

How do I thin my Lomandra?

Pruning groundcover shrubs

  1. Pruned prostrate westringia.
  2. Give vines grown as groundcovers a regular prune.
  3. Lomandra clipped as rounded balls.
  4. Use sharp shears to prune grassy and strap-leaf plants.
  5. A regular trim with a hedge trimmer/power shears give a nice, smooth finish.

When should short ornamental grasses be cut back?


  1. Cut back warm-season grasses in fall or by mid to late spring.
  2. Cut back cool-season grasses in very early spring.
  3. Divide warm season grasses anytime spring through mid-summer.
  4. Divide cool-season grasses in spring or early fall.

How do you prune Lomandra little con?

Will benefit from occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat.No pruning is generally necessary although, if required, to rejuvenate foliage with fresh new growth – cut back to approx. 10cm from base in early spring or autumn. Feed in spring with a native formulated fertiliser.

Do you cut back native grasses?

Native grasses have become an important component of our garden landscapes and they can also be pruned. When they turn a bit brown simply give them a really good haircut, right down at the base and in spring they’ll come up looking lush and beautiful.

Can you split Lomandra?

Many native grasses and strappy-leaved plants, such as Lomandra hystrix, can be propagated by division. This is a method where the entire plant is dug out of the ground, divided and replanted. Angus prefers to dig plants he’s dividing with a garden fork rather than a spade to minimise damage to the root system.

How do you prune Lomandra breeze?

Trim back damaged leaves in the spring. The leaves may become damaged due to frost during the winter or severe wind. Cut the blades back to about 6″ inches from the ground. The leaves will regrow throughout the spring.

Can you divide Lomandra little con?

Dividing and Propagating Lomandra Wait until the fruit matures and turns brown (the time of year will depend on your location), then sow lightly in potting mix, keeping it moist. They can take up to six weeks to germinate. The easiest method of propagation however is to dig up a clump and divide it.

How do you maintain Lomandra?

For Lomandra, Dianella, and most strappy leaf and grass plants in large scale plantings it is best to cut the plant back to no lower than 15 cm. This ensures the plant will survive. Avoid pruning in a drought, or in the middle of summer. Liriope can always be cut to the ground, preferably in winter.