Does lazada have warehouses?

Yes, each warehouse can manage & fulfill orders independently.

How does lazada warehouse work?

What is Fulfillment by Lazada (FBL)? Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL) is a service where your products are stored, packed & shipped directly from a Lazada warehouse to ensure your customers enjoy the fastest, most convenient delivery. Note that the items still belong to the seller/brand.

What is PSC lazada?

Seek help from Partner Support Center (PSC) if you have any issues. Handing over your parcels to the correct Shipping Provider. Quick tips.

How to track lazada Return parcel?

Click on ‘Return in progress’ tab to current returns that have been initiated. Then, click on the ‘Logistic Status’ menu to filter your current status from the 8 options available. You will be able to track the journey of the parcel that is coming back to you from this status.

How many warehouse does Lazada have?

At present, Lazada operates three warehouses in Laguna, Cebu and Davao. It has also 50 logistics hubs where they dispatch orders and one big sorting center in Tanyag, Taguig. Lazada has also piloted in the Philippines its e-trucks for delivery services, which can carry 100-kg cargo.

What is Lazada logistics facility?

Items that are Fulfilled by Lazada: Packed by seller / warehouse – Our warehouse team will locate your item to be packed. Arrived at Logistics Facility – Once packed, the item will be immediately sorted out for shipment. Shipped – Your package is now being shipped to the hub of the courier assigned to your order.

Does Lazada hold inventory?

On top of that, Lazada also takes care of inventory management as well as COD payment if there is any. Availing of the FBL services also comes with insurance or financial guarantee at the end of it all. There will also be a re-labeling of your products under FBL which provides additional branding benefits.

How do I become a Lazada delivery partner?

Read the guide below to learn how to become Lazada’s Delivery Business Partner!

  1. Open the App and select “Philippines” as country.
  2. Click “Apply Here” button.
  3. Sign Up using active mobile number, valid driver’s license and personal password.
  4. Fill up the rest of the application form completely.

What is Lazada 3pl?

Updated at 08/02/2021. LEL Express (LEX) is Lazada’s internal logistics provider. Lazada’s third-party logistics providers are the following: AIRSPEED.

How can I contact Lazada courier?

Still Need Help? Click the Chat Now button to connect with CLEO, available 24/7, or get support from our Customer Care Specialists, available 24/7 (except on holidays). You can also contact us on our hotline at (02) 7795 8900, available daily, 8AM-8PM (except on holidays).

How can I add warehouse in Lazada?

Guide to set up Multi-Warehouse feature on Seller Center | Lazada Seller Center. Under Warehouse Address tab you can add new warehouses and edit warehouse details. Look out for our revamped & sleek-looking Warehouse Address page. Under Warehouse Address tab you can add new warehouses and edit warehouse details.