Does Kiribati include the Phoenix Islands?

Phoenix Islands, group of coral atolls, part of Kiribati, in the west-central Pacific Ocean, 1,650 miles (2,650 km) southwest of Hawaii. The group comprises Rawaki (Phoenix), Manra (Sydney), McKean, Nikumaroro (Gardner), Birnie, Orona (Hull), Kanton (Canton), and Enderbury atolls.

Where is enderbury?

Enderbury Atoll, also called Enderbury Island or Guano, one of the Phoenix Islands, part of Kiribati, in the west-central Pacific Ocean, about 1,650 miles (2,660 km) southwest of Hawaii. Its lagoon is shallow and brackish.

What islands does Kiribati include?

Kiribati consists of 33 coral islands divided among three island groups: the Gilbert Islands, the Phoenix Islands, and the Line Islands. All of the islands are atolls (ring-shaped islands with central lagoons) except for the island of Banaba in the Gilbert Islands which is a raised limestone Island.

Are the Phoenix Islands in Micronesia?

The Phoenix Islands Protected Area is a mostly uninhabited coral archipelago located within a globally biologically important area called the Polynesian-Micronesian hotspot.

Where are the Gilbert and Ellice Islands?

w Pacific Ocean
Gilbert and Ellice Islands Two groups of coral islands in the w Pacific Ocean, 4000km (2500mi) ne of Australia. In 1915, the islands became a British colony. Separated from the Ellice Islands in 1975, the Gilbert Islands are now part of Kiribati. The Ellice Islands are now called Tuvalu.

What country owns Kiribati?

Kiribati is the only country in the world to be situated in all four cardinal hemispheres. Kiribati gained its independence from the United Kingdom, becoming a sovereign state in 1979….Kiribati.

Republic of Kiribati Kiribati (Gilbertese)
Official languages English Gilbertese
Ethnic groups (2015) 96.8% Gilbertese 3.2% Others

What is Kiribati known for?

Kiribati is most famous for its world class flyfishing, great scuba diving, and astounding seabird wildlife. There is currently only one airline with service to the most famous of the country’s islands, Christmas Island (Kiritimati).