Does it matter which brain I give Rex?

Choosing to implant Rey’s brain will give Rex the perk Faithful Protector, increasing his attack damage (+25 damage). Choosing to implant Violetta’s brain will give Rex the perk Unshakeable Tracker, increasing his speed (+50% movement speed).

Which brain is best for Rex Fallout New Vegas?

Violetta’s brain (Violet the fiend’s dog, kept on a diet of human flesh and Turbo) gives +50% movement speed. Lupa’s brain (the Legion’s dog, mother of many of their best dogs) gives +10 damage threshold (DT). Violetta’s brain is definitely the easiest one to get, and you can grab Violet’s head while you’re at it.

Can you change rex brain?

The Courier can replace Rex’s brain to prevent him from dying as a result of neural degeneration. If the Courier chooses to examine Rex closely, they will discover that Rex has a weathered painting of a bull on his side, which is the symbol of Caesar’s Legion.

What does lupus brain do for Rex?

If it is used as a brain for Rex, he will get the Blood of the Legion perk, which increases his DT by 10.

How do you get Rey’s brain?

It can be bought from Old Lady Gibson at Gibson scrap yard for 700 caps (free with a Barter check of 70). This item can also be gained by killing Old Lady Gibson’s dog Rey and taking it off of his body.

Where is Lupa New Vegas?

the Fort
Lupa is a mongrel living at the Fort in 2281.

Who is the best Fallout New Vegas companion?

Raul Tejada is, without a doubt, the best companion in Fallout New Vegas. His perk, Old Vaquero, improves the rate of fire of revolvers and lever-action firearms by 33%. His other perk, Full maintenance, is a buffed version of the regular maintenance perk.

Is dogmeat in New Vegas?

Consumable: Dog meat, a consumable in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Where is Lupa FNV?

Where can I find Lupa?

Lupa (Japanese: ルパ, Rupa) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is an archaeologist who lives in the Archaeology Centre of Frontier Village.