Does BUNN still make my cafe?

A discontinued model, the BUNN My Cafe MCU was great in its heydey. Unfortunately, that day has come and gone. But don’t despair! BUNN now makes the My Cafe MCR, which dispenses coffee from 4-16 oz in 0.25 oz increments (but has 6 oz and 8 oz default sizes) using single-serve cartridges.

What is BUNN date code?

Where is my Date Code? BACK OF BREWER Sticker on the lower back of brewer BOTTOM OF BREWER Sticker attached to the bottom baseplate of your brewer. Note: Allow water in tank to cool. Drain water before turning over.

Do you leave BUNN speed Brew on all the time?

You must leave it plugged in at all times. It has a tank in it where it keeps the water hot, all the time. If you unplug it, plug it in, and then try to make coffee right away, you will have cold coffee. 1 of 2 found this helpful.

How long does a Bunn coffee maker last?

It’s probably for one year. If that is the case – being cynical here – you might expect to start having problems soon after its first birthday! All that said, some brewers do have a reputation for lasting longer. Bunn brewers have a pretty good track record for lasting for several years.

Why is my Bunn coffee maker leaking?

If your coffee maker is leaking or overflowing, try these fixes first. Is the Brewing Vessel Empty? Make sure that when you’re starting a new brew cycle, the server or decanter under the funnel is empty. Leftover coffee in the server will cause it to overflow.

Do Bunn coffee makers use a lot of electricity?

Owners of home Bunn coffee machines usually find that their coffee makers use about 1.1 kilowatts of electricity each day, adding between $2 and $4 to their electric bill every month, for a total of between $24 and $48 per year.

Does Bunn make a dual coffee maker?

BUNN 33500.0000 Dual Soft Heat Brew-wise Commercial Coffeemaker, Black/Stainless Steel.