Does Bryant Park have free ice skating?

The centerpiece of Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, this 17,000 square foot rink features free admission ice skating, high quality rental skates, free skating shows, and events. The Rink is open daily through March 6, 2022.

Can you skate at Bryant Park?

New York City’s only free admission ice skating rink The Rink is open daily, including holidays, through the season, weather and events permitting. All tickets must be purchased online. You can also get help purchasing tickets onsite at our Tickets + Info kiosk near the entrance of The Rink, pending availability.

How much is bumper cars on ice at Bryant Park?

$20 to $25 per person
The 10-minute rides are $20 to $25 per person, depending on the time and will take place during the hour-long time slot that can be booked at

What is Bryant Park famous for?

Bryant Park is one of Manhattan’s most-famous leisure areas for office workers and tourists. During the week, thousands of workers congregate in the park during their lunch hours, lounging on the grass or in patio chairs. On summer evenings, there are free movies in the park, and in winter, ice-skating.

How long do you get to ice skate at Bryant Park?

There is a one hour minimum and are only available to skaters under 10.

How long can you ice skate for at Bryant Park?

Off-peak days will offer longer sessions and if you’re an avid skater looking to get the longest session available, their website advises you to choose the earliest 8 a.m. time slot as those skaters are given 75-90 minutes on the ice.

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Can kids ice skate at Bryant Park?

Things you’ll need: Skates: No need to bring skates, just rent them. Little kids feet grow way to quickly to invest in skates this young, in my opinion. *Note: it is free to skate in Bryant Park if you bring your own skates, but I still don’t think its worth it to invest in skates so young.

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