Does Brainiac become good Smallville?

The original Brainiac was corrupted and became a tool for evil at the hands of General Zod. Then Clark Kent saved him and enabled him to be reprogrammed for good.

What season is Brainiac in Smallville?

Season 5
The Brain InterActive Construct (or “Brainiac,”) is one of the main antagonists of the WB/CW show Smallville. This is the show’s version of the DC Comics villain Brainiac. He is the main antagonist of Season 5, the secondary antagonist of Season 7, a supporting antagonist in Season 8, and an ally of Clark in Season 10.

What did Brainiac do to Lana?

There, Brainiac attacked her, leaving her in a catatonic state: allowing Brainiac full control over her body, and only reversible by him. He sent her home to deliver a message to Clark and Kara. Brainiac told them that Lana was in excruciating pain and aware of her surroundings, but was unable to control her own body.

What did Brainiac do to Kara?

Kara became a target for Brainiac, who forced her to follow him into space. Brainiac trapped her on Krypton in 1986 after traveling through time. Kara appeared to return to Earth with Clark but in reality, Brainiac had put Kara in the Phantom Zone and was posing as her on Earth.

Did Jor El create brainiac?

Brainiac (Vril Dox) is a fictional supervillain character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, the character debuted in Action Comics #242 in July 1958.

Who created Brainiac in Smallville?

Brainiac (character)

Created by Otto Binder Al Plastino
In-story information
Alter ego Vril Dox
Species Coluan

Who kills Brainiac?

The season 2 premiere of Krypton just killed off one of Superman’s biggest villains. Toward the end of the episode, Brainiac (Blake Ritson), the main villain of season 1, met a grisly end at the hands of Seg (Cameron Cuffe).

Did Jor-El create brainiac?

Did Jor-El create Brainiac?

Who would win Ultron or Brainiac?

Wiz: *sigh* While Brainiac had the intelligence advantage, Ultron was more durable, and his power of technopathy took Brainiac by surprise. Boomstick: Only someone powerful enough to disband the Avengers could accomplish that. Ultron also had an advantage in that he wasn’t susceptible to Brainiac’s telekinesis.

Is Brainiac 5 related to Brainiac?

He was originally written as a descendant of Superman’s enemy Brainiac. Several years later, when Brainiac was revealed to be a living computer, the story was retconned, and Brainiac 5 became a descendant of the villain’s adopted son.