Does a th400 need a cooler?

Every automatic needs a cooler. Heat is the quickest way to trans failure. The actual trans doesn’t make much heat, but the convertor generates a large amount of heat. Just don’t get one that is too big, and keeps the trans temp too cold.

Which line is the pressure line on a Turbo 400?

Registered. bottom to bottom, top to top with a th400,350, 700.. the pressure or bottom port on the trans goes to bottom inlet on the vertical cooler,, in the bottom out the top or it will trap air in the cooler..

Are transmission cooler lines directional?

Can Transmission Fluid Flow Through Either Direction on a Transmission Cooler. Helpful Expert Reply: Either fitting of the Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit # D13504 can be used as the inlet or the outlet. The cooler can have fluid flow in either direction through it.

How much is a transmission cooler?

The average transmission cooler replacement cost is between $100 and $300. Parts shouldn’t be more than $200 with most vehicles, with labor adding in another $100. If you need to replace a transmission cooler, the process isn’t difficult.

Can you mount a transmission cooler upside down?

Do Transmission Coolers Have to Install Right Side Up Or Can they be Upside Down. Expert Reply: The Derale stacked plate transmission coolers like part # D13403 can be mounted in any orientation that you need including having the hose fittings down.

Do transmission coolers have a flow direction?

According to the FSM, the tranny fluid flows out of the front port on the tranny, goes to the passenger side of the cooler in the radiator, exits the driver side of the cooler, and goes to the rear port on the tranny.

What size are th400 cooler lines?

The lines are 5/16 but flare out for 3/8 hose. Done that way at the factory.

What happens if you put transmission cooler lines backwards?

If you had it reversed, the pump would be trying topush fluid through the bottom of the cooler, up through the cooler, out the top into the bottom of the rad, and up through the rad to the top. More weight to push.

Does a transmission cooler really help?

For every 20F degree drop in transmission fluid temperature, you can expect to extend the fluid and equipment life, thereby extending the life of the vehicle. That’s why it is very important to have a quality transmission cooler, and more importantly, to have it professionally installed.