Do leotards run small?

If you want them to fit like street clothes or with a little breathing room, then yes, they run small. If you buy them to fit like they were designed to (like a second skin), then no, they don’t run small.

How is a leotard supposed to fit?

The leotard should be snug, fitting like a second skin with no excess material. Ensure the leotard has been pulled up properly onto the hip bones. The leotard should not be digging into your child’s shoulders. If the seams are stretched, try the next size up.

What size is 28 in leotards?

Dragonfly Leotards – Sizing Guide

INT 26” 5-6 Yrs 59-66cm | 23”-26”
CME 28” 7-8 Yrs 61-71cm | 24”-28”
CLA 30” 9-10 Yrs 66-76cm | 26”-30”
AXS 32” 10-11 Yrs 71-81cm | 28”-32”

What size is a large leotard?


Size Industry Std Waist
Adult XS Adult XS 24-26
Adult S Adult S 25-27
Adult M Adult M 26-28
Adult L Adult L 27-29

What size is XS?

Size Chart

Extra Small (XS)
Chest: Inches 34-36
Centimetres 86-92
Waist: Inches 24-26
Centimetres 61-66

What size is a size 4 leotard?

Leotard Sizing Guide
Size 00 4
Age 3-4 years medium
Chest cms 53-61 84-91
Chest inches 21-24 33-36

Why are leotards so tight?

Many first-time gymnasts are unsure of how leotards are supposed to fit. Generally, they should be a snug fit with no creases, wrinkles, or snags visible when fitted correctly. The close fit is designed to allow freedom of movement, ensuring the clothing does not limit the performance.

Do leotards stretch?

Usually, Spandex is added to other fabrics to create different appearances that allow the leos to stretch and cling to the body in different ways. For impressive, eye-catching results, many leotard companies add foil print to leos.

What size is a 36 leotard?


Adult Sizes S (33-34) M (34-36)
Chest 31″-33″ 79cm-84cm 34″-36″ 86cm-91cm
Waist 25″-26″ 63cm-66cm 26″-27″ 66cm-69cm
Hips 31″-33″ 79cm-84cm 34″-36″ 86cm-91cm
Girth/ Torso 51″-54″ 129cm-137cm 55″-58″ 140cm-147cm

What size is a 3a leotard?

Dancewear sizing can vary between manufacturers, brands and even within different clothing ranges for a particular brand….Tappers and Pointers.

Tappers Size Age Description
3a 10-11 Average size child
3 Adult Small Ladies 8-10
4 Adult Medium Ladies 10-12
5 Adult Large Ladies 12-14