Do I need to detune skis?

Detuning snowboard and ski edges should be done regularly, but it depends on how often you head to the mountain. For those who carve it up almost every day, a good detuning is needed about once per week. Most skiers and snowboarders who enjoy the sport in the winter typically only have to do it once per year.

Should you detune ski edges?

The reason why is that edges wear down through use, so when a set of skis come from the factory they often have edges that are too sharp. If you don’t detune your new board or skis, then you could get off on the wrong foot as the edges on your new gear catch more often than you’re used to.

What does detuning a ski mean?

Detuning is dulling or rounding of the edges in selected areas of the tip and tail using a file or stone so that the ski or snowboard is less grabby and doesn’t turn in or initiate too quickly. It’s often done when the board or skis first come from the factory.

Where do you detune ski edges?

So for shaped skis find the contact point of the tip and tail (you can do this by placing the ski on a flat surface and marking the sidewall at the points that the ski contacts the flat surface) and detune from contact point forward on the tip and contact point backward on the tail.

Should you detune tips and tails?

When a new board or pair of skis is given its first tune up, many shops will recommend detuning the contact points to keep the edges from catching unexpectedly and jerking the rider or skier around no matter what they prefer to ride.

Can skis be too sharp?

If you’re experiencing such jerkiness, your skis’ edges might simply be too sharp. They will improve as the edges dull, but waiting until they dull is frustrating. Take them back to the shop, and ask the tech to dull the edges with emery paper or a gummy stone.

How do I detune my edges?

If the edges are feeling grabby, use the Gummy Stones to fine tune the edges. Start with the Rough stone first. Then use the Soft stone to fine-tune the edges. Fine tune the edges by using the gummy stone on the bottom edges of the board, and on the side.

Do you wax or sharpen skis first?

Waxing. Waxing your skis is the best way to protect them and keep them performing at their peak. It’s important to wax your skis after completing base repair and edge work, as well as throughout the ski season to ensure your skis glide smoothly.

How far are ski edges detune?

The contact point is where the edge begins to round. For most skis, this will be the widest part. The area you need to detune extends about 2 in (5 cm) above and below these contact points.

What can I use instead of a gummy stone?

A smooth rock, nail file, or even the metal poles of a ski stand will work pretty good for just taking the ‘edge’ off your edge… as such.