Do I need a spacer on my freehub?

No spacers are required. REMEMBER: These spacers go onto the freehub body before the cassette. Tighten the cassette lockring to 40N-m.

Do Shimano cassettes come with spacers?

They come with a 1.85mm spacer to take up the extra slack. If you have a 9-speed cassette, you only use the 1.85mm spacer. If you have a Shimano 10 cassette, you use the 1.85 PLUS the 1mm 10-speed spacer. In a stroke of either luck or genius, Mavic wheels are already 11-speed compatible.

Does 11 speed Shimano cassette need a spacer?

Both CS-HG800-11 and CS-HG700-11 are supplied with the required 1.85mm spacer so they can be fitted to 11s road freehubs. Neither need a spacer to fit to a 10s freehub body.

Are Shimano Freehubs compatible with SRAM?

SRAM’s cassettes and chains are compatible with all of Shimano’s groupsets, and vice versa. Likewise, Shimano and SRAM buyers have the freedom to mix different levels of chains and cassettes so long as they are designed for the same kind of transmission.

Where does the spacer go on a Shimano 10 speed cassette?

It goes on the freehub before the largest cog does (closest to spokes).

Does 12 speed cassette need a spacer?

For SRAM Eagle 12-speed 10-50T, Eagle 10-52T cassettes, or 11-speed 10-42T cassettes, you will need to install a 1.85mm spacer on the driver body before installing the cassette. For SRAM 12-speed road cassettes, no spacer is required.

Do I need a spacer for 12 speed cassette?

For SRAM 12-speed road cassettes, no spacer is required. The 1.85mm spacer is included with XDR driver equipped wheels, like the Zipp 101 XPLR.

Do I need a spacer for an 8 speed cassette?

While there are infinite possibilities, SRAM and Shimano cassettes are a standard size for 8, 9 and 10 speed. If you are currently running a 10 speed cassette which has no spacer, removing it and replacing it with an SRAM or Shimano 8 speed you should not need a spacer.

Can I put a SRAM cassette on a Shimano hub?

Using SRAM cassettes with Shimano drivetrains and vice versa If it’s not possible to get the freehub body for your hub that fits the cassette that you want, it is possible to play mix and match between SRAM and Shimano 12-speed cassettes.