Do Balega socks run true to size?

Pros: Balega socks come pre-washed, so you can wear them right out of the package. They fit low on the ankle, are super soft, and they’ll easily stretch over your feet. And the socks are true to size.

What size is small in Balega socks?

Sizing & Care

Size Men (UK) Women (UK)
Small 4-7 3-6
Medium 7-9 6-8
Large 9-11 8.5+
X-Large 11.5+ 

Are Balega socks worth the money?

I have worn Balega socks for years and I have never been disappointed. They stay in place and wick sweat away really well, no matter how hot and humid it is outside. This pair is just as awesome as all the others I have bought, I highly recommend them as they are worth every penny and then some.

How long do Balega socks last?

Durability: Balega is one of the more durable running socks out there. I’ve had a few pairs for close to 5 years, and they are still going strong. Usually, I know Balega socks are wearing out when they stretch out too much or become too large.

Why are Balega socks so good?

Designed to snugly hug your feet, Balega’s contoured running socks don’t shift around and cause friction — the source of blisters — a perk further ensured by the hand-linked, seamless toe closure. Four sizes to choose from further ensure your socks fit your feet perfectly.

Can you put Balega socks in the dryer?

The care instructions for both are the same. They are: WASH WARM, TUMBLE DRY LOW, DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENER, DO NOT IRON, DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

What is medium sock size?

Size and Care

Sock Size US Men’s Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size
Small 34-37
Medium 6-8.5 38-42
Large 9-12 43.-46
X-Large 12.5-15.5 47-51

Is Balega a good brand?

Highest-rated running socks Additionally, it’s vented and moisture-wicking and provides primo arch support. Reviewers love the Balega Enduro sock to begin with, and the Janji x Balega sock has excellent reviews too. Many reviewers point out that the thickness of the sock is perfect — not too thick and not too thin.

What does Balega mean?

To Move with Speed
Balega is the Zulu word for “To Move with Speed”.

Where are Silverlight socks made?

Of course, we are aware of objections to manufacturing outside of the US generally and in China specifically. Since we’re asked so often about where we make our socks, we wanted to share both where we make Silverlight socks and why. China is the best place in the world to manufacture soft goods such as apparel.

What size are balega socks?

Hidden Comfort

European Men & Women U.S. Men Balega Running Sock Size
36 – 39.5 4.5 – 6.5 Small
40 – 42.5 7 – 9 Medium
43 – 45.5 9.5 – 11.5 Large
46 – 48.5 12 – 14 Extra Large