Did Roy Halladay ever win a World Series?

The game’s ultimate competitor wanted the game’s ultimate honor. His team’s offense failed him. Halladay never won that World Series. He threw nearly 40,000 pitches over a 16-year major-league career, but when he retired Monday he left behind only five playoff starts.

How many wins does Roy Halladay have?

203 wins
Halladay had 203 wins, 105 losses, an earned run average of 3.38, and 2,117 strikeouts. He won 2 Cy Young Awards and was selected to play in 8 All-Star Games. Halladay was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2019….Roy Halladay.

Born: May 14, 1977 in Denver, CO
Experience: 16 years

Which Phillies player died?

Former Phillies player Jeremy Giambi died by suicide at parents’ home in California, officials say. Police officers found Giambi at the home on Wednesday morning.

Why did Roy Halladay retire?

While Halladay posted a strong 2011 campaign—he went 19-6 and finished second in NL Cy Young voting—that proved to be his last dominant season. The big righty started to experience shoulder issues and retired in 2013.

Should Dave Stieb be in the Hall of Fame?

Toronto Blue Jays legend Dave Stieb has a great case for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Dave Stieb spent parts of 16 seasons in the majors from 1979 through 1998 with 15 of those seasons coming with the Toronto Blue Jays. As we’ve discussed recently, Stieb was one of the best pitchers to pitch in the 1980s.

Who threw a no hitter in Toronto?

MLB Team History – Toronto Blue Jays No-Hitters

9/2/1990 Dave Stieb 3-0

How many perfect games have there been in MLB history?

23 perfect games
Overall, there have been 23 perfect games in MLB history. The first belongs to Lee Richmond of the Worcester Worcesters, when he didn’t allow a baserunner on June 12, 1880. The most recent game thrown was by former Seattle Mariners ace Félix Hernández, who did so against the Tampa Bay Rays on Aug.

Did Dave Stieb throw a no hitter?

On Sept. 2, 1990, 31 years ago today, Stieb pitched the first, and only, no-hitter in Blue Jays franchise history, shutting out the Indians 3-0 at Cleveland Stadium. Stieb breezed through the Indians lineup. After two early walks, he retired 16 consecutive batters from the second to the eighth innings.

Did Dave Stieb get a World Series ring?

He was awarded a World Series ring after the Blue Jays won their first championship later that year, despite not pitching in the postseason due to injuries. In 1993, he played four games with the Chicago White Sox, before finally retiring due to lingering back problems.

Why is Dave Stieb not a Hall of Famer?

Just because Dave Stieb played north of the border, was snubbed by writers of the time, and, occasionally, played on some bad teams, it doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t get recognition by the Blue Jays and by the Baseball Hall of Fame for his Hall of Fame-worthy career.

Has a team ever lost a no-hitter?

On July 1, 1990, Andy Hawkins of the New York Yankees pitched an eight-inning no-hitter (the Yankees were the away team) against the Chicago White Sox and lost the game 4–0 after an eighth inning which saw three errors.

How many no-hitters did Dave Stieb have?