Did Beyond Scared Straight get Cancelled?

“While it is sad when a successful series ends, I’ve decided that it’s time for Beyond Scared Straight to come to a close,” said series creator and executive producer Arnold Shapiro. “I am so proud of the teenage lives that have been changed and even saved over our 83 episodes and six years of production.

What episode is Darisha Beyond Scared Straight?

Episode 3. Darisha, 17, is a gangbanger who loudly challenges inmates, but is shocked to see a relative behind bars at St. Clair County Jail, IL.

Where can I watch full episodes of Beyond Scared Straight?

Watch Beyond Scared Straight Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What is the point of Beyond Scared Straight?

What’s the Story? BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT, a documentary series inspired by the award-winning film Scared Straight, follows troubled tweens and teens as they participate in intensive inmate-run intervention programs designed to keep them from ending up in prison.

Who went to jail from Beyond Scared Straight?

Toby was charged in 2019 for causing felony-level damage to the floor of a cell. After 14 months spent, Toby got arrested once again two weeks later (August 24, 2020) after assaulting, imprisoning, and threatening a 25-year-old woman.

Why did Scared Straight backfire?

There is only one problem: Scared Straight programs don’t actually work. Far from reducing crime, research shows that participants in Scared Straight programs are about 7 percent more likely to commit crimes afterward than those who don’t participate.

Who was the youngest person on Beyond Scared Straight?

Toby Keith Johnson (born July 28, 1995) was a troubled teen who was featured on Beyond Scared Straight on Season 3, Episode 13.

How old is Jerahn Tucker?

Jerahn Tucker, a 17-year-old boy from Douglasville, Georgia, is facing 35 years in prison for the crimes of unauthorized use of a credit card and auto entering.

Did any Beyond Scared Straight kids go to jail?

How old is destiny from Beyond Scared Straight?

Destiny, 11, who hits her mother, and Destiny’s cousin Alii, 13, who likes to fight, attend the jail tour together.

Who passed away from Beyond Scared Straight?

One of the most memorable participants on Beyond Scared Straight was Franklin Morris, who tragically met death at a young age.